Thursday, July 19, 2012

We are still here!

Yes, yes I promise we are still alive and this blog is still up and running.

With Jess's 5 week trip to Mexico and my move to Washington, I would say things have been a little crazy and blogging took a back seat for a bit.

Our move to Washington was insane with lots of ups and even more downs but we are beginning to settle in and loving here. We have been blessed with truly amazing weather and are enjoying our life here thus far. I have been running fairly consistently since being here but only short little 2-3 milers with my daughter in tow. I am still learning the lay of the land and where to run and how long each trail is, if it's stroller friendly, etc.

Currently neither Jess or I have any upcoming races on the horizon. I think we are enjoying the break and enjoying our summer. We will see what Fall holds. So hang in there and keep reading!