Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Trot 5k Recap (Katie)

My goal for this 5k was speed. I was curious to see how fast I could go and was hoping to set a new and official PR. My hamstring injury prevented me from doing many speed workouts in the lead up to Thanksgiving day, but I managed to get in some good, non-running workouts and a couple good runs so I was feeling pretty confident though unsure of how fast I could actually go. I had a dream a night or two before the race where I just literally could not run fast. It was like I was being weighed down and could not get my body moving. Luckily, that was not the case during the Turkey Trot.

It was a cool, sunny morning with a decent breeze (and thankfully no snow on the ground). Cold enough to wear gloves during the entire run but not so cold that my body wouldn't warm up. I decided to run with my friend, Tiffany. We run together a fair amount and I know she has a faster pace than me so as long as I aimed to keep up with her, I figured I could accomplish my goal of coming in under 30 minutes. We were in the very front of the line when the race started and Tiffany was off like a shot! So as planned I followed and caught up. However, I realize in hindsight that this starting pace was far too fast for me. Within the first half mile, I was winded and regretting starting so fast. Though I was uncomfortable and breathing hard, I still did my best to keep up with Tiff. A little over a mile in, the gap between us grew just a little bit as I needed to catch my breath. However, at nearly 2 miles in, she started having some issues with breathing (turns out she didn't eat dinner the night before and was not fueled or hydrated properly) and had to walk for a few seconds. This turned out to be a good opportunity for me to walk and recover a little. We started back up but she had to stop to walk again because of the pain in her chest. I knew I couldn't stop again or my time would be slower than desired so I decided to carry on to the finish line alone. I finished feeling well and my official race time was 27:29 (8:51 pace)! (Don't worry, Tiffany came in only 1 minute behind me and is fine) I am very proud of this time and my new PR! I feel like I learned that I need to pace myself a little better and maybe speed up at the end instead of the beginning, but overall I feel like I did a good job!

Holly, me, Tiffany and my sister, Annie
(It was Holly's first 5k, way to go!)
My husband and I
(Proud to say that my hubby-who is not a runner- had a time of 29:51)

The one pic of me finishing - not great, sorry
Also, my sister and I made the local news. If you're interested check it out here!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barre3 Hangover

Last week I attended my first Barre3 class at Barre3 Bend (where ballet barre meets yoga and pilates). My sister is an avid Barre3 attender and is always trying to get me to go with her (it's on the other side of town and $12 per class + $3 for childcare is just a bit much for me). However, during the week of Thanksgiving they were offering a free class if you brought in 3 cans of food. It was the perfect opportunity to try out a class without worrying about it being worth the money.

The class was PACKED. So packed that there wasn't even enough room at the barre and people had to do their workout on the floor. It was also a little warm for my taste but I guess it helped me to get my sweat on. The class was awesome. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but I loved the isolating of muscles and really feeling the burn throughout all the muscles in my body. It was intense but I felt like I kept up pretty well, especially for my first class. It's hard not knowing what to expect so there were a few times that I gave up on a hold or exercise only to find out if I'd have held on maybe 10 more seconds then I would have completed it with everyone else. But that's okay, I still felt proud of myself.

The next day I was certainly sore (ie. Barre3 hangover) but it felt really good. While I don't think I will be coughing up $15 for a class anytime soon, I think I may look into getting a Barre3 video to do at home.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

This was suppose to post on WEDNESDAY! Oops! (and check my HBBC update below)

We picked up our Turkey Trot packets today, Mackenzie got a shirt out of the deal too. She was pretty stoked. All though it took me a minute to figure out what she was so jazzed about, she kept saying, "Oh, look at my mustache!" But I think somehow "race packet" translated to "race date shirt" and then morphed to "mustache" to my sweet two year old.

Will Race for Carbs has a great post on holiday eating for you to check out before we get our 
I loved Tall Mom's post on what she was thankful for, and it inspired me to share mine!

I have SO much to be thankful for this year, but here are my favorites:

The Mommy Miles wishes you a very happy turkey day! We are thankful for you bloggy pals, running inspirations, and dear friends near and far!

HBBC update week one
Saturday hot yoga 90 minutes- 4.5 points
Sunday 3.5 mile run-3.5 points
Wednesday hot yoga 45 minutes (had to duck out feeling so sick), plus 40 minute barre 3 video at home-4 points
Thursday 4 mile run- 4 points plus veggie intake-1 point
Saturday 3 mile run- 3 points
20 points total

Sunday, November 27, 2011

HBBC Weekly recap (week 1)

Here is my weekly point break down for week 1 of the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge: November 19-26

Saturday, Nov 19: Lap swimming for 45 minutes = 4.5 points
Sunday, Nov 20: Jillian Michaels video for 20 minutes = 1 point
Monday, Nov 21: Ran 2.5 miles = 2.5 points
Tuesday, Nov 22: Ran 3 miles = 3 points
Wednesday, Nov 23: Barre3 class for 1 hour = 3 points
Thursday, Nov 24: Turkey Trot 5k = 3 points
Friday, Nov 25: Day off

Total Points for week 1 = 17 points (I think this is a pretty good week, let's see if I can keep it up)

(I need to do blog posts for my first Barre3 class and the Turkey Trot 5k, stay tuned!)


Monday, November 21, 2011

The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge has begun!

The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge has officially begun! You can still sign up here if you are interested. Part of the rules of tracking your points is to make sure there is a public record of your workouts somewhere somehow.  I am not entirely sure how to do this, so for now I will just post my workouts in blog posts for you all to enjoy :)

Here is the point breakdown:
1 Point per mile (run/walk)
1 Point per 3 miles biked
1 Point per 20 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs
1 Point per 15 minutes of low impact cardio (i.e. low impact aerobics, easy biking, skiing, skating, water aerobics, snow shoeing)
1 Point per 10 minutes of high impact cardio (i.e.spinning, kickboxing, lap swimming)
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies

The HBBC started on Saturday and here is what I have done since then:
Saturday I did some lap swimming for 45 minutes = 4.5 points
Last night I did a 20 minute Jillian Michaels video = 1 point
This morning I ran 2.5 miles = 2.5 points

I honestly am not sure about my fruit and veggie intake, I will have to pay closer attention if I want to earn more points!

Happy workouts!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bikram (hot) Yoga & me

My sweet friend Maggie and I have been trying to workout together once a week for the last month. I adore her company and love the accountability. This week we purchased an unlimited one month pass at our local Bikram yoga studio. It is a deal just for newbies, like myself.

I was a little worried about our first class. I read all these horror stories about the stench of forty sweating bodies in the 105 (YES, 105) degree heat, headaches, dizziness, nausea... it didn't sound like a walk in the park.

I drank a ton of water the night before, and the morning of our class I made sure to drink some Nuun. Thanks to my fav running blogs for reviewing Nuun! It has been a huge help in keeping me hydrated on my long runs.

It took me about 3 minutes to get there...LOVE that it is so close. I was wearing black Nike booty shorts and a tank (your welcome for the play by play). I chuckled as I walked to the front door, the windows were dripping wet. The people at the front desk helped get me all signed in and I coughed up 29 buckaroos for my unlimited month....a steal considering one class is normally 15! I noticed they sold Nuun at the front desk and gave myself an imaginary pat on the back for coming prepared.

I stored my down jacket and Uggs, and giggled nervously when the front desk gal told me to bring my bath towel into the studio with my mat. Luckily I even had it, I was planning on using it to shower afterwards and had only brought a little sweat towel for the class. Walking into the class was the exact feeling of walking into a sauna...the heat just hits like a brick wall. Unlike a sauna there is moisture added to this air so it is not dry heat.

The next 90 minutes flew by. By the end of the first three poses I was dripping sweat. Maggie and I were next to each other and tried to avoid eye contact, or else we would lose it in a fit of giggles (so mature I know). After the last breathing exercise, which sounded like hiccuping snores, I grabbed my mat and headed to the single shower in order to make it to work in time.

I hope you're still reading this novel, because this is where it gets interesting. 
Caution!! Harsh language...

I realized I had put my stuff in the wrong dressing room, the one without the shower. I gathered everything and went to the room across the hall. Someone was already in the shower and women were starting to trickle in so I plopped all my stuff at the first available bench and started to peel my soaking clothes off.

Out of nowhere a woman (who was buck naked) came stalking over and stood in front of the bench staring at all my stuff.
(I will not write out all the nasty language but please know she did not hold back, or hint at any of it, I got the real deal)

Naked Lady: What the EFF is this? Real G.D. classy!
Naked Lady picks up my boot and starts to hurl it.
Me: Oh! Sorry that's mine. This is my first time, I didn't know
(apparently I had set my stuff on the "I-am-waiting-for-the-shower-bench")
 Naked Lady: J.C., EFFing great manners. mutter mutter mutter grumble grumble...(as she proceeds to "help" me clear my stuff off the bench)

Please note at this point, I am near my old age I have turned into the BIGGEST wimp.

Naked Lady: There IS a line, there were other people before me even! (insinuating that I was cutting for the shower line)
Me: nodding, speechless
Naked Lady: Okay! (shouting to everyone in the locker room) Now there's room, someone else can sit here! (As if anyone would sit down after that spewing)

The shower opens up and there is an awkward silence as we wait to see who is next, I know I am but I am terrified to go.

Naked Lady: Okay! Who's next???  (staring at me) I know there were others before her!
Woman behind me pipes up: Actually she is next (pointing to me, bless her heart!)

I scurry into the shower, washing in record speed, and hustle out. Naked Lady gets in after me and I am throwing my clothes on, jamming my feet in my shoes...and am just making it out of the door when she exits the shower, still muttering about "some people".

I loved my first experience of class, but was a little traumatized by N.L. I went again this morning at a different class time, hoping to avoid her. But alas...there I was this morning laying on my mat waiting for class to begin. When out of the corner of my eye, I see her stalking towards me. I thought she may apologize, so I pictured myself making strong eye contact and smiling...

Naked Lady (now clothed of course) stands over me, staring. I sit up.

NL: Are you relatively new here? Because you are sitting in one of the hottest places in the room, you're making it harder on yourself.
me: oh, I was over here before and I did okay.
NL: Hmmph!

So there you have it. Love the class, met some interesting folks...not yet sure what I think. I read this interview about Bikram Choudhury, the founder who has patented his 26 move, 105 degree workout.

After reading this I have had even more doubts on this style of yoga (and no, it isn't just because of his awesome hair), but would love to hear from my running friends if you have been practicing hot yoga for awhile and can tell me your own personal experiences.

Has it helped your running?
What are your honest thoughts?

As for me, I will use up this month's pass, going often and trying to figure out if it is a good fit, despite my Naked Lady friend. Who knows, maybe she will be my friend after all, maybe she is really kind and was only just dehydrated?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why lifting your toddler does not count as a strength workout

I'm runner, yes we all know that. As a runner I tend to focus more on my lower half. I know, I know, I need to be working my whole body but I'm a mom and have limited workout time so I do what I can to get by. Plus, I'm a mom, I lift, carry, toss and squat my 25lb toddler all day long, my arms must be amazingly buff and in shape, right? So I thought!

This week I went to spend a couple of days in Eugene with my sister. It was intended to be a bit of a break for me to get away from my toddler, away from house work and cooking and just spend some time with my sis and chill. It was perfect and exactly that. Included in these days were two workouts with my sister and her personal trainer (who is a good friend of my sis). It was so freeing to get to workout for as long as the workout lasted and be pushed and challenged and not have the "I better hurry up in case my daughter needs me" voice in the back of my head. These workouts were total body workouts, with intervals and reps and sets and weights and everything in between. It was intense and I thought I might die at one point (actually did almost pass out) but I made it through and am more sore now than I have been in as long as I can remember. These workouts really opened my eyes to how far I need to come and how much harder I need to work. Yesterday I could hardly lift my arms which tells me that carrying my toddler around all day is not quite the strength workout I thought it was. (I also learned that my sister is a powerhouse, sheesh!).

The good news is that my sister and her friend/trainer are in town this weekend and I can join in on any workouts I want! The bad news is that my husband is out of town, my mom is out of town and I am lacking in babysitters. Once again the mommy role comes first (as it should) but hopefully I can squeak in a couple good workouts somehow. Lord knows I need it!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Running from the runs

I'm a teacher. Something that I teach in reading class is multiple meaning words. For example, runs. My fastest runs are in the morning...or...I have the runs. Notice the difference?

So this weekend we had both kinds of runs. Too much information? Oh, you're welcome and stick around...there's more!

My mother was in town and we had a great time together. She had a 24 hour flu bug (read-the runs) Friday night and wasn't feeling great Saturday but by Sunday all was well...we thought. I laced up and was trying to squeeze in a few miles that afternoon while my girls slept.

Because the girls are now sharing a room, nap time is a little tricky. Mackenzie, my two year old,  sleeps a little longer than Addison, my ten month old. Mackenzie gets to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed so that sister doesn't wake her early from nap time.

On Sunday I had remembered to pull everything out of my room before Mackenzie went down so that I could get ready for my run without disturbing her...everything but my shoes. Dang it. I tip-toed in, silently opening my closet door, I felt her eyes on me.

"Hi Sweetie, can you go back to sleep? Sorry I woke you" I whispered to her. She shook her head yes, and I bent down to give her a kiss. "Um, Kenze, do you need to go potty?" I smelt something BAD! She shook her head yes again. I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. Her pants were wet...

Now is a good time to mention I don't do well with bodily fluids...blood, spit, snot, poop...I am never the woman for the job. I called for backup. My mom must have heard the panic in my voice because she came quick. I was trying to keep my lips from curling back in disgust and scarring my daughter for life. She was already upset with herself. We got her cleaned up and I washed and rewashed my hands, stripped the bed (my bed), and with my mom's reassurance that she "had it from here", headed out the door for that run.

I ran hard to clear the smell, images, and memories of the "explosion" from my thoughts. I was running until the runs were no longer on my mind. I did a tempo run, with my second mile right at nine minutes. At first I was fueled by nerves and adrenaline, but than it turned to anger. I was mad at myself. The way I handled the situation with poor girl wasn't feeling well, but I was the one being the baby not her. I decided not to run my fourth mile, but instead turned towards home, eager to check on my little one. I came back refreshed, and made sure to grab my girl and giver her big smoochies, letting her know it was no big deal, everyone gets the runs!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bring on the hills! darn hamstring pain is back. This stinks. I did a speed workout the other day and I have been in lots of pain ever since. I still think it's an issue of needing to strengthen my hamstring and glute muscles and that I am not doing nearly enough to get that job done. So I have decided (and I need your help keeping me accountable on this) that I am going to stare hills and stairs in the face and dominate them.

This morning a fellow mom friend and I decided we would hike up a popular local butte and get a decent hill workout in pushing the little ones in our BOB strollers. We maybe got halfway up before the wind got too strong and the babies got uncomfortable and we had to head back down. Day 1 of hill workouts was not a success but the walk to Starbucks for an egg nog latte did not disappoint. I am hoping I can conquer this hamstring issue like I am going to conquer these hills and be rid of it once and for all so I can really get my run on. After all, I have a 5k to take on in a little more than a week. 


Friday, November 11, 2011

What a difference a year makes

Today I finally, FINALLY felt healthy enough to get up and go for a run. The weather outside was terrible so I had to resort to running inside on the treadmill, but I ran and it actually felt good. I am so glad to be feeling well and motivated and ready to really prepare for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. I have officially registered for the race and I am excited (and hoping that there won't be snow on the ground this year).

Last year when I ran the local Turkey Trot 5k, I wasn't in very good shape and just ran it for run with my sister, brother-in-law and my husband. I ended up running with my brother-in-law the entire way and my husband and sister ran together.  It was my first post-baby race and while I had run some during the summer, as the colder months hit, so did my consistency. I remember being about half a mile from the finish and wanting to die. I think I said something to my brother-in-law about not being able to go on and needing to stop and walk. Luckily he encouraged me and told me I could do it and I made it to the end. I just looked up my time from last year and ran it in 33:14 (10:42 pace) which is actually better than I would have guessed but I am going to push to be better this year and feel confident that I can. I have decided to set a goal for myself to complete the 5k race in under 30 minutes.

Little did I know last year when I was breathless trying to complete 3.1 miles that less than a year later I would be completing 13.1 miles and planning my next half. I wonder where I will be in another year!

And just for fun, here are a couple photos from last years Turkey Trot:
husband, bro-in-law, sister, me

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

reader on the run

Even more than running, or gardening, or cooking, or my favorite movie (What About Bob?, thanks for asking)...I LOVE to read. I will truly read anything with words...but I especially love novels. They transport you to another place, time, husband has learned to steer clear after I have finished an especially sad book. Yes, I have been known to cry on the couch with a book laying closed beside me. (What IS IT about this blog that makes me feel the need to bare my soul??)

On top of being an avid reader, I also love to research things...I am a....what's the phrase? "Know it all"??

I like to think of myself as
informed. So whether it's chickens, perennials, appliances, cameras, or cookies, I have probably read a book on it. When I returned to running after my last pregnancy I decided to get informed. I didn't consider myself a new runner, but I also didn't feel like I knew anything other than to point myself in that direction and go faster than a walk.

Enter this book:
Are some of you nodding your heads already? If so, you've probably read it. This book is a MUST read for any mother runners. It goes through each detail of running and gives easy, concise, straight forward information. I loved every chapter, and learned something new in every chapter too!

You can imagine my JOY while at Girlfriend's half last month and Sarah Bowen Shea, one of the authors, was there promoting their new book (bummer, not out until next March):

I about died. I actually couldn't get any words out, just awkwardly waved before blubbering to Katie.."Oh MY GOSH!!! She's HERE!". Katie turned to Sarah and ever so sweetly said, "She is a bit starstruck"...too true my friend.

At Powell's (my fav bookstore, Portland icon), I picked up:

But for some reason I couldn't commit and I put it back down. I need advice from my bloggy friends:

What running book has inspired, challenged, motivated you?

Have you read Born to Run? Thoughts?


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Have you seen my motivation?

I'll be honest, I have not exactly been at my finest the past few weeks. I don't think I've said "no" to a sweet treat and I think I have said "maybe later" to most of my plans to workout. Pile on top of that some stressful life issues, a sick daughter and then me getting sick myself. It's no wonder I can't find my motivation anywhere. However, these are all just excuses and things that should be motivating me to get out there and work my booty off (except maybe my own sickness) instead of having the complete opposite effect.

When I was training for the half marathon, I was motivated beyond my imagination. Maybe because I knew if I didn't run and train then I would never be able to complete a half marathon. So I trained. I fit runs in where I needed to, made time even when there didn't seem to be time and nothing else in my life seemed to fall by the wayside. So why now?! Maybe I just always need a goal, something I'm working towards and am constantly being challenged by. I feel like the desire to be fit and healthy should be enough motivation to go around but maybe that's just not the case for me (yet!).

I'm running a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning and my desire is to run it for speed, something I have never done before. This will require training with strength and speed workouts and being consistent so that I am prepared for the race.  Hmmm....3 weeks until Thanksgiving. Time to get my rear in gear. Stay tuned for posts on how my speed workouts are going.

We also have the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge coming up. In all honesty when I first read about it, it seemed complicated and maybe not worth it. But then Jess said she was going to do it and having a buddy alongside to keep me accountable will help a lot and truthfully, I need the HBBC to keep me going through the winter and holidays. I'm not going to say that I will completely give up on the holiday yumminess here and there but I am going to commit to getting back into a regular workout routine and keeping my body fit in preparation for training in the Spring for half marathon #2.

Where do you find your motivation when it seems to be missing? What can you do to challenge yourself?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

visions of sugarplums dance in their heads

This morning my daughter commented that her Halloween candy is gone....hmmm I wonder how that happened? Okay, you guessed it. It was me. My husband loves a weekend doughnut. I have been helping myself to his stash...dang it! Holidays are my favorite time of year. I especially love this new season of life, watching my daughters experience the holidays for the first time. At least big sister is excited, I am not sure if baby has forgiven me for sticking her in a homemade piggy hat for Halloween.

How is it, amidst all the joy, celebration, festivities I become a sugar hound? I cannot get enough. And then my mind becomes fixated. Should I have another cookie? Okay, I'll eat dessert here but then will run longer tomorrow.... excuses, bribes, convincing....these mind games seriously just take too much time away from this special time of year. I do not want to miss photo opportunities because I am busy in a staring contest/battle of wills with a cookie!

So here are my commitments during these sugarfest few months. Dessert it is out, except for the day of the holiday. I would like my weekly mileage to stay at or above 15 miles. And I am participating in HBBC (Holiday Booty Buster Challenge). See the button right over there ----------------------------->

Here is the deal with HBBC, keep track of your workouts (running and cross training), keep track of your vegetable and fruit intake, and get your doughnut eating, dessert loving, going for seconds booty successfully through this holiday season. The challenge goes from November 20-January 7. 
Enter the competition to win prizes too (ohhhh ahhhh)
Check out Amanda's blog for details and to sign up 

Happy running, fellow doughnut lovers!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sick days

We all have sick days and days where it's probably not a smart or healthy choice to exercise. But I forget that sometimes my little one will also have sick days that could prevent me from heading out into the chilly weather for a run. With a drippy, snotty nose, I know the cold wind won't do her any favors. We are facing this issue today.

Life is full of obstacles that make it difficult to go for a run and stay healthy. As the winter weather hits, the obstacles only increase. How can we battle these obstacles? How will you get your workout in no matter what?

Taking the extra time to walk upstairs to use the bathroom instead of the convenient downstairs choice is a sad excuse for a workout, but better than nothing, right? Right?!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

cold babies!

In the last week it has felt like winter during the early morning light. My backyard has a blanket of fog, and my metal outdoor furniture looks crystallized. It is beautiful. On a run by myself last week I smiled, breathing deeply in the cold air and blowing out hard to create a cloud of moisture in front of my face. This is the perfect weather for me.
You see, I tend to "run" hot. Running in the summer months feels close to torture as my body seems to be cooking from the inside out. My face is red for hours and my energy is zapped within the first few miles. I have been watching the temperature slowly drop with each passing week, looking forward to reprieve....there is a problem though. My little darlings, my constant running pals, they have been a tad cold.
Let me clarify, I have been layering up my loves with warm socks, and fleecy pants, hats and mittens, a snuggly blanket and of course their jackets. It just doesn't seem to cut it for my babes. So what am I to do? This morning Mackenzie's hands were red and cold when we got home. She was miserable and teary eyed (her candy hangover from Halloween didn't help I'm sure), I felt like a really selfish mommy.

So once again runner friends, I am coming to you for advice...if you run with your babes, how do you keep them from becoming ice-cubes?