About Us

We have been best friends since Freshman year in high school. We played different sports through high school, Jess played softball and Katie did track (though there was a stint where Jess joined the track team for a little while!). We have been active but doing our own thing and always encouraging each other.

After high school Jess went off to Oregon State and Katie to University of Oregon. We made new friends but always remained consistent and close. We saw each other often as the drive was only 40 minutes. We created our own lives and each met our soon-to-be husbands. We got married exactly 1 year apart from each other (shy of 1 day). Though our paths continued to take us in different directions due to education or jobs, we always made each other a priority.

I believe that we both became consistent runners around the same time, after college. Individually we slowly began to run in races and though we were not trying to win any awards, it was the competition that kept us motivated. Running became a safe place for each of us.

After pregnancies (Katie, 1 and Jess, 2) our motivation to become fit to loose the baby weight coupled with the need for peace and quiet is where we truly found our stride. Finally in 2010 and living in the same State again, we started running some races together. Jess somehow convinced Katie to train for a half marathon with her (Katie's first, Jess's second) and despite Katie's reluctance, it's proven to be quite a fun adventure. Through this training The Mommy Miles was born.

May the races continue.

Deschutes Dash 10k (July 2011)