Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Half Marathon Training

So I have made my decision....well, in one aspect of my upcoming training that is. 
I have chosen my training plan. In the past I have just gone with whatever I could find online, and never really researched or compared different options.

 This time I spent time looking for the best options.I had it narrowed down between the Runner's World app on my phone and Hal Higdon online. 

RW Pros  
  • Easily accessible. (No trying to remember what was on the agenda when the guide is at home)
  • Has pacing guide for speed and tempo work outs.
  • 16 week training course (HH is only 12)
  • Increases and then stays for two weeks, drops down the third week, and then increases again. (sometimes I need that second week at a new distance to make me feel like I am ready to tack on more)
  • Can modify the settings as needed (milage, pace....etc)
HH Pros
  • 5 work outs a week (RW is only 3)
  • Has races scheduled throughout the training program
So obviously RW has more of what I am looking for. However, I am going to incorporate the two pros of HH plan into my 16 week plan. 

In addition, starting this Monday, Katie and I will be posting our work out plans for the week. We would love your encouragement, your work out tips, insight, and for you to join in.

As for the two half marathons we have been looking at...

We definitely want Rock n Roll but it is so dang spendy...we'll keep you posted.