Friday, September 30, 2011

The Mommy Miles

The Mommy Miles was dreamed up to be a motivation to one another, to share our running ventures and to maybe even motivate other runners out there. We have been best friends for 12+ years and have always been a support to one another through ups and downs, weddings, babies and now...running!

Meet Katie:
Hello! I'm Katie, a twenty something wife and mother living in Central Oregon. I've been running off and on for about 10 years. Distance and speed are not my strong suits but I am working on it. I have competed in a handful of 10k races and couple 5k races and am currently training for my very first half marathon which will take place in October, 2011. I am nervous but also very excited. I hope to use this blog to journal my runs, thoughts, current motivation and whatever else I feel is relevant to my training and running (which is pretty much everything!).

Meet Jessica:

Hi, I am Jess. My family and I live in beautiful (wet) Portland. I got my first pair of running shoes at fifteen and the love/hate relationship began. At first running was just a way to stay fit, but since having a second baby it has provided sanity and a time to feel balanced in the midst of chaos. In July I made a commitment to run one race a month for the next twelve months. My husband and two girls are my most common running buddies but I cannot wait to run October's race with Katie, my dearest friend.

Please note that this blog is intended to be a fun place for us to journal our runs and our life as we train and experience new things. We are not medical experts and do not ever intend to portray information as the "right" way of doing things. So please join us as we grow, learn and change together. Let the adventure begin!


  1. Hi Jessica and Katie! Love the start to this! I will be at Girlfriend's too! :) Good luck building this blog!

  2. Looking forward to sharing in the journey!