Friday, October 7, 2011

12 in 12

I have a confession. I know it is a bit early in this bloggy relationship to start airing dirty laundry...but here goes:
I can be completely LOST when it comes to running. Let me clarify, I don't mean like "where in the heck am I????", more like, "oh, I think I will go for a far have I gone? A mile and a half...let's call 'er good". Directionless would be another name for it.

So, I am constantly coming up with little ploys to keep myself going. I also had a baby 8 months ago and the weight was not coming off as easily as it did with the first. I needed something to get my buns in gear.  Naturally (insert sarcasm here), training for a half marathon was the next step. I can't remember now if I asked Katie to run it with me, or if she just offered but it wasn't long before she agreed to be my running buddy from afar. We already knew we were a good fit running together from a few previous races, and we are always scheming ways to see each other. So running a half together was just another excuse to put a weekend on the calendar for just us. 

I had thought that training for a half would keep me busy...but then I took it a step farther...and the twelve races in twelve months was decided on. My husband agreed (cause we all know that without the hubs on board, you might as well not even lace up right?) and the hunt for races began. For race reports for July-September check out: July August September
July (Deschutes Dash 10k)

 August (Hualin' Aspen 7 miler)

 September (Fairhaven Waterfront 15k)

Next Sunday, the 16th I will be doing my October race....the half marathon that started it all.



  1. So glad to be doing this with you! 3 down already, wow! You are amazing.

  2. Nice work! You're rockin' it and will do awesome next weekend!