Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Baaaack

Hello friends! 

It has been a looong time since my last post. My family and I were in Mexico since mid June. You can read about some of our experiences here. When you think of Mexico do palm trees, sandy beaches, and drinks with little umbrellas pop into your mind? That was not really the scene for us. My husband was able to have his sabbatical this summer and we spent it in San Miguel, which is central Mexico.
being silly in front of the cathedral.

the beautiful, yet dangerous, cobblestone streets
I knew before I got there I wouldn't be running. Logistically it would be too hard. I didn't feel comfortable going out by myself, and all the sidewalks were cobblestone (have you read the post where I fall? Correction, the posts...multiple falls). We had both our girls and only our single running stroller. So I committed to working out with Barre3. I love going to the studio at home in Portland, but I joined their online community (only $15 buckaroos) and worked it out 5 days a week while the girls napped. So handy.

This morning I went for my a run. It had almost been as long as my last blog post. Usually after a break that long the first run is a little humbling. I find myself wondering why in the heck I ever would say I enjoy running, and I am so sore the following days that my second run usually is even more painful.

However, I felt strong, even pushing my two littles. It was just a quick 2 miler. But I felt good, the girls behaved (they were in a goldfish stupor) and it was nice to be in familiar neck of the woods. I contribute this unexpected strength to all those hard leg workouts Barre3 had me doing. I just bought a pass at the Barre3 studio, so my Barre days are not done. My goal for the last 4 weeks of my summer vacation is balance (in workouts and every other area of my life)...does that sound familiar??? I think I blog that goal every other post. I usually blame time for the reason I am not balanced, on summer vacation then, there are no excuses!


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  1. Yay! Time to get back at it, glad you had a great run and I am glad you are back. Let's get after it.