Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello Old Friends

Last week, I had the opportunity to reunite with four of my closest friends to spend 4 magnificent, kid-free days on a lake in Idaho. These are the kind of friendships that have lasted and are so sincere and special despite the distance between us all. It was such an amazing time together and I am so grateful we were able to get together.

I figured there would likely be some free time to go for some hikes and/or jogs so I decided to pack along my old running shoes. These shoes have seen far more races, training runs, time at the gym and random jogs than a single pair of shoes should ever see, but alas they reside in my closet for the heck of it. I was glad I brought them because on one of the mornings, one friend and I decided some exercise could do us some good and headed out on a jog/walk. 

When I slipped my feet into these old pals, it felt so familiar, so comfortable, like wearing an old pair of worn in jeans, or better yet...sweat pants! In spite of the fact that there is no padding or support left on the bottom, they were perfectly molded to my feet and I felt right at home! 

Upon my return from the reunion I decided to take them out for a quick 2-miler to see how they felt when they truly hit the pavement, see if I am more of a "Born To Run" conformist than I thought. To be totally honest, I didn't actually notice much of a difference from my current running shoes. I didn't feel anymore sore the next day to to lack of support or vice versa. It was a fun little experiment and I may try running on them again with a bit more distance. I would be curious to see if anything changed with my hamstring pain if I ran in the oldies for a few runs in a row. We shall see. 

Though there was not much to report in the end, I have to say that it was kind of fun rediscovering these old friends!

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  1. When my knee is finally acl healed, I plan to do a decent amount of "mommy" miles of my own, and maybe blog about them too. Keep it up!!