Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Countdown Continues

I have always wanted to run a half marathon, it has been a goal of mine, a dream even, that I would "one day" accomplish. "One day" being when I felt ready, when I was in better shape, maybe when we know we aren't going to have anymore kids and I can focus on myself a bit more. So when Jess told me in July that she was going to do the Girlfriends Half Marathon in October and that I should do it with her, my first instinct was to laugh. There is no way I could possibly run a half marathon in just 3 short months. I was not prepared, I wasn't ready, I couldn't afford it, no way, no how! But after some persistence and encouragement from Jess, I finally came to the conclusion, "why not?". I always said I wanted to do it, so why not now? What's really stopping me? So I decided to go for it even though I was scared and nervous and not at all confident in my ability to complete this goal.

Now, 3 months later, amidst my fear and doubt I am actually excited for this upcoming race. Up until a few days ago, I didn't think I would ever be ready, let alone excited! Sure, I have said I was excited before but in my heart of hearts I wasn't sure I meant it...until now. I am truthfully looking forward to the experience, the challenge and to the sense of accomplishment that I expect to feel at the end. Plus, running in an all girls half marathon with your best friend, what could be better?!

Tomorrow afternoon, the husband and I are packing up the kid and heading to Portland to spend some time with friends and family before the race in Vancouver on Sunday morning. Jess and I plan to go get our race packets on Saturday and our little families get to spend some time together during the day. It's rare that we can all get together so it will be a nice treat this weekend and a great way to pre-celebrate the big day!

I have really enjoyed having this half marathon to train for. It has given me a sense of purpose and new sense of motivation (once I signed up and paid my dues, I had no choice but to be motivated!). Though my daughter is so wonderful and so fulfilling, it's been nice to have something that is all my own and something I can do for me. Once this half is over, I want to keep running races, as much as possible (I just need to figure out how to get sponsored so I don't have to keep paying all these race fees out of my own pocket!). Jess and I have discussed that we would both like to focus a little more on building our strength and endurance after this race. It's easy to get caught up in the mileage and spend most of the workout hours running, but we both realize that we have some work to be done when it comes to the strength department of our bodies. I know we will continue to motivate and encourage one another as we prepare for whatever comes next. I really want to come up with ways to work on my strength in the comfort of my own home. A gym membership isn't really an option for me right now so I'll need to get creative (suggestions/tips welcome!).

3 days until the 2011 Girlfriends Half Marathon in Vancouver, WA.


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