Thursday, October 27, 2011

Excuses! Excuses!

This afternoon I went for a run. My first run in a week. It was not a good run.

I had a bad run because...
- I hadn't run in a week.
- It was warmer out than I thought and my clothing choice was inaccurate.
- Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that pre-run mini snickers bar.
- I did not have enough water.
- I simply was not in the mood to run, tried to get it over with quickly and ended up failing miserably going from running fast to walking.

My entire run, these were the things that were running through my mind. Negative, no good excuses! It's no wonder I had a bad run. I set out to run 3 miles, I quit at 2.39 miles.

I'm planning to run the local Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving Day. A feat that I confidently told myself I could do with my eyes shut, with no training at all and heck, maybe I'll even sprint the thing and set a PR. Oh, how very naive and amusing. You know that saying "if you don't use it, you lose it"? I think that directly applies here. No more excuses. Excuses are just weakness and something that is going to prevent me from achieving my goals and being the runner that I desire to be. Today I felt like I could hardly call myself a "walker" let alone a "runner". I hope that I can use this as a lesson and a motivator.

Readers: Are excuses keeping you from achieving your goals? What do you do to stay motivated?


  1. I have had many a run like that, for all the reasons you listed and sometimes it is just a mystery bad run! You have some time until the Turkey Trot and I bet you can still bust out a PR!!

  2. Okay so my biggest excuse is probably mommy guilt...but I have to combat that with the thought that I am a better mommy after a run. To stay motivated I tell my two year old "we're going on a run this morning!" and then she'll keep bringing it up until I finally go!
    I have a feeling your next run is going to kick A@#!