Wednesday, June 13, 2012

48-Hour Detox recap (Katie)

This past weekend, Jess and I both did Dr. Oz's 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse. I'll share my experience now and Jess will share hers later in the week.

The detox overall was fine, not great, not awful but fine. Saturday morning I made my quinoa breakfast and was surprised by the amount it made, I was pleasantly full which was a great way to start the cleanse. In looking ahead at the plan, I decided to go ahead and pre-make the juice options that were listed.  I could drink these juices anytime and as much as I wanted throughout the weekend so I wanted to have them on hand (a good call). I got through the morning just fine between my quinoa, juices and a mellow morning at home. When my daughter went down for her nap I made my lunch (a yummy smoothie that was by far my favorite meal of the weekend). Once again I looked ahead at the plan and knowing we had plans that evening, decided to go ahead and prepare the dinner and the other snack option (veggies). I spent almost the entire nap time in the kitchen after already spending a long time in the kitchen that morning. I didn't love that but it was nice to have everything already prepared.

After my daughter woke up, I took her on a short walk to the park. By this time my energy was very low and my head was starting to ache. I watched her play at the park for a while then upon my desperate need to use the restroom (I had to pee ALL the time), we walked back home. I was wiped out! I ate an early dinner and was not at all satisfied by the taste or the lack of fullness. But that was the last thing I ate that day as the rules state not to eat after 7pm. One thing it does suggest is a cup of detox tea before bed and I did drink that. It's not my favorite tea but it was nice to sip on something comforting before laying my aching head on my pillow.

I woke up Sunday morning with a throbbing headache. I did not want to get out of bed and knew right away I was going to be tired and worthless all day long. I continued to follow the plan with breakfast and juices for snacks. By lunch my headache was debilitating and I felt very weak. I decided to make a double portion of smoothie for lunch and then I went to bed. I napped for 2 hours and woke up with the same headache. At last I caved and decided I would try a small cup of coffee and an ibuprofen. They worked like a charm! I was peppy, energetic and pain free for about an hour. The coffee soon wore off but luckily the headache did as well. I managed to get through the rest of the day just fine. My dinner did not sound or taste good so I didn't finish my portion but just sipped on more juice and again had my tea before bed (I added a squeeze of lemon which was nice).

Strangely (or maybe not?), though I went to bed feeling hungry and  fatigued, I woke up Monday morning feeling fresh and quite good. I didn't feel hungry, I had no headache and I was happy to get out of bed and start the day. It was a great feeling....and an even better feeling when I got to enjoy a full cup of coffee and some eggs for breakfast! Detoxing is a good thing, it's healthy and keeps your organs clear and functioning properly but oh man, it sure is nice to not feel so restricted after so many "no-no's".  One thing I noticed is that I craved good, healthy foods all day and was not drawn to the junk whatsoever.

-I did a 5 day whole foods detox last year and I struggled way more with this 2 day one.
-While it was clearly challenging, I am glad I did it.
-I will certainly do another detox again but I would like to try a different one.
-Do not underestimate the power of water.
-When detoxing, try to keep your calendar clear so you can have the freedom to lay low.
-I think the detox tea before bed was very important, it def helped "clear" things out.
-The dinner made far too much, definitely halve the recipe (would save $ on groceries, too).
-I love the lunch smoothie so much, I have already had it again since.
-This really opened my eyes to how many foods I randomly pop into my mouth throughout the day.

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  1. Thank you! I am on day one, and I have had a very similar experience. I did however, break down today and have a cup of black coffee and 1 ibuprofen. I didn't want to but my headache was already very bad, because I only took one, I still have a headache but it is tolerable. I also enjoyed my veggie snack as much as the lunch smoothie.