Thursday, June 7, 2012

June's Race: Wild Canyon Games

For the past three years I have sent my husband on his way to participate in the Wild Canyon Games. He'd come home sunburned, sore, and full of crazy stories. I was a wee bit jealous. So when I had a chance to pull a team together for this year's games, I jumped on it! This also happens to be my last race for my personal 12 in 12 challenge! I went out with a bang!

So what is Wild Canyon Games? Teams of 7, for two full days, of craziness!

Friday night my team and I arrived at Washington Family Ranch in eastern Oregon where the games are held. I had the pleasure of being on the team with 5 other Young Life staff wives , plus one extra friend. No one on the team had participated in the past and we struggled to sleep Friday night, unsure of what lay ahead!

Saturday morning we woke bright and early!Three members of our team participated in a triathlon relay. The others and I were paired off and set loose in the wilderness. We had a fanny pack of emergency supplies, an iphone GPS, and a backpack full of water and snacks. Our mission was to find as many geo caches as we could in four hours. My partner and I ended the four hours with a mad dash to the finish line. We made it across with two minutes to spare. Any later we would have been penalized! Talk about excitement!!!
We were channeling our inner mountain goats...seriously check out these hills!

wild flowers were everywhere. Can you see the small little camp down below?
We found a cache! It's like a giant treasure hunt!

Beautiful views in every direction.

Saturday afternoon was a group challenge. We had to complete seven challenge events as quickly as we could. Check out some of our options here. My job was to the canyon swing, hello butterflies!

Sunday morning we woke up sore. All of us were too tired the night before to be bothered with nerves, we'd slept soundly. Sunday we completed in a seven leg relay. I did the half mile obstacle course.  I was hoping pictures and results would be on the Wild Canyon Games website, but I am having technical more pics to come!
Can you spy me?


  1. What a blast!!! Sounds so thrilling and exciting. You sure did end your 12 in 12 with a bang. So glad you had such a great time.

  2. This sounds amazing! What a thrill! I would have been all over the water slide or blob!