Monday, June 11, 2012

Training week - June 11th

This week for Jess:
Mon- Nothing (recover from being sick)
Tues- Barre 3
Wed- Run
Thurs-Barre 3
Sun-Barre 3

Reflection on last week:
Do you ever feel like life hits overdrive and you are speeding through it without really experiencing it? That was this week. Wrapping up the end of the year, getting ready to leave the country for the month...yada yada. Not really making an excuse just voicing how difficult it is to achieve balance, my exact goal for last week, in chaos. I'm loving this break from a routine, but know that in a few weeks I'll be ready to buckle down to the checkoff list of a training schedule! I can't wait to share with y'all what's up my sleeve for my next 12 month challenge!

This Week for Katie:
Mon- 20-30 min walk
Tues - Walk or run or workout video
Weds - 3 mile run
Fri - 3+ mile run
Sat -
Sun -

This is a busy week for me with 4 different parties, company, babysitting and packing (have I mentioned we are moving to Washington?) so I think this schedule is realistic and doable. We'll see!

Reflection on Last Week:
I finally felt well enough to run later in the week. I ran 2.8 miles on Thursday.
I planned to get in some nice walks during my 48-hour cleanse weekend but my energy was so low that naps trumped exercise. More on that later!

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