Monday, June 4, 2012

Training plans this week!

This week for Jess:  
Focus: Balance
Monday: Restorative Yoga
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday:Barre 3
Thursday:3 mile run + Barre 3
Friday: Barre 3
Saturday: 4-5 mile run
Sunday: Barre 3

Last week for Jess:
Monday: walk Done
Tuesday: barre 3 Done
Wednesday: 3 mile run Nope
Thursday: yoga Nope
Friday:2 mile run Nope
Sunday:Wild Canyon Games Done.

I had an incredible time at Wild Canyon Games. Today I am pleasantly sore, a good reminder of all the fun I had. This last week I ran zero miles. I don't like that. Clearly, I am a all or nothing kinda girl. Either I am training for something or my mileage is down to nothing. This week the goal is balance!

This week for Katie:
I am recovering from a little sickness, so I am taking the pressure off myself this week to come up with a specific plan. I would like to run ay least twice and I will be happy :)

Last week for Katie:
Mon- rest (done)
Tues - 3 mile run (done)
Wed - walk (done)
Thurs - 2 mile run (done)
Fri - workout video (sick)
Sat - rest (sick)
Sun - Heaven Can Wait 5k (sick)

I was so sad to miss out on this little 5k this week, very disappointing. But these things happen and while I was bummed, I am glad I listened to my body. 

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