Tuesday, November 1, 2011

cold babies!

In the last week it has felt like winter during the early morning light. My backyard has a blanket of fog, and my metal outdoor furniture looks crystallized. It is beautiful. On a run by myself last week I smiled, breathing deeply in the cold air and blowing out hard to create a cloud of moisture in front of my face. This is the perfect weather for me.
You see, I tend to "run" hot. Running in the summer months feels close to torture as my body seems to be cooking from the inside out. My face is red for hours and my energy is zapped within the first few miles. I have been watching the temperature slowly drop with each passing week, looking forward to reprieve....there is a problem though. My little darlings, my constant running pals, they have been a tad cold.
Let me clarify, I have been layering up my loves with warm socks, and fleecy pants, hats and mittens, a snuggly blanket and of course their jackets. It just doesn't seem to cut it for my babes. So what am I to do? This morning Mackenzie's hands were red and cold when we got home. She was miserable and teary eyed (her candy hangover from Halloween didn't help I'm sure), I felt like a really selfish mommy.

So once again runner friends, I am coming to you for advice...if you run with your babes, how do you keep them from becoming ice-cubes?


  1. Seriously this is such a mystery to me, too. It's hard enough finding daylight to run in during the winter months, but throw in having to keep the little ones warm makes the difficult task that much harder. Time to find a treadmill or different running routine. I think even if you bundle up a ton, the cold wind still cuts like ice sometimes! I'm thinking anything below 40 is too cold.

  2. Jess, I saw those warming packets at the dollar tree that you stick inside your gloves..probably not good for Little Addster, but could work for Kenz. You could try it out...you'd only be out a buck or two. :-)

  3. Gina! I was thinking the same thing! And an added bonus would be it keeps her occupied. My only concern is do those things get too hot?

  4. I totally agree with you on running in the cold. I hate cold weather, except when I run. I can't take the heat either. That is hard with the babies though. I don't run with my kids so I am totally useless here. I like the idea of the pocket warmers.

  5. JJ Cole has a great new toddler-sized bundle me that is weather resistant http://jjcolecollections.com/bundleme-weather-resistant