Monday, January 23, 2012

#TwitterRoadRace 5k Recap

Jess did her #TwitterRoadRace recap a couple of days ago, so today it is my turn! It was fun that Jess and I got to run a race "together" even if it was done in different cities. Actually, to be completely honest it was also done on different days. The #TwitterRoadRace was set for Saturday, January 21st but I had such a full Saturday that I decided to do my race on Friday. I figure better early than never!

I had originally planned to do the 5k virtual race on my treadmill at home, but when the temp outside hit 40 degrees, I was more than happy to head out and hit the pavement instead. However, I seem to have had a similar experience to Jess as far as wind was concerned. It didn't look too windy when I left my house but that wind was hitting me from every angle. I started out pretty fast and I think that really helped contribute to my overall decent time, but I definitely struggled and definitely walked a couple times.

My official race time was 28:18 with a pace of 9:05

I'll take it! It was faster than I expected with having stopped once or twice and running in strong gusts of wind so no complaints here. I also listened to an 'Another Mother Runner' podcast while I ran which I really enjoyed (free on iTunes). Not sure how it affected my pace but I enjoyed listening to these fellow mother runners chat and talk about 2012 goals!

I didn't get any actual race photos, but my daughter doing some post-race stretching with me is pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself! 


  1. I think that pic is one for the books! How adorable!!!

  2. I hadnt heard of that podcast yet, thanks for shating