Friday, January 27, 2012

3 things I learned...on vacation.

I have been on vacation this week, well kinda vacation. I left rainy Oregon Tuesday morning to accompany my husband to his All Staff Conference in Orlando, Florida. Lucky me. Young Life holds this conference every four years and it is an awesome perk! We have been completely spoiled and our girls are enjoying quality time with my in-laws. I loved Katie's post early this week, about three things she I thought I'd continue and add on what I have learned from this week.

1. I am not a gal to pack only one workout outfit.
So, believe it or not, I googled "what to pack for workouts on a vacation". I know, I am sooo nerdy. Surprisingly, Runner's World had a whole community chat board on this very topic. Many runners suggested bringing one outfit and washing them in your sink or just being stinky. I was tempted but I sweat like nobody's business so I compromised. For my 6 day vacation I packed, two shorts, a million sports bras (I have to wear two for every workout, lame), three workout shirts, and one pair of socks (I promise I don't have stinky, really I don't). I wore my workout tanks (Nike dryfit) as jammie tops to cut down on the packing and it worked perfectly. I would wear them for bed and then workout in them the next day. I am usually kicking myself on my pack job for long vacations, but this time I nailed it.

2. You still have to plan the workout to make it happen on vacation.
I have been day dreaming about this vacation for months. Counting down the days with every swipe of the windshield wipers, smiling as I pictured the balmy 80 degree sunshine. Part of the day dream is that I would be able to run whenever I wanted to. But unless you are vacationing solo, this is definitely not the case. At least not for my vacation. This conference is packed full of amazing speakers, wonderful breakout seminars, days at Disney World and Sea World, and time with long lost friends. The assumption that my time was my own was quickly dispersed at my first 11:00 pm treadmill run. I also was hoping to run each day away, taking advantage of no children. However, this also is time for Justin and I to be together so I didn't want to spend every free-time in the gym...decisions decisions...compromises compromises. I guess the lesson I learned is not a new one, but can be summed up with the old saying, "fail to plan, plan to fail".

3. Walking around Disney for 9 hours counts as a workout. 'nough said.

4. Having my heart refreshed is the best kind of medicine.
My spirit has been so encouraged by quality times with my husband, friends, and with God. The speakers here (including Francis Chan...AMAZING!!) have challenged me and inspired me in huge ways. I am excited to go home. I am ready to dive back into our crazy, amazing, busy lives. Justin and I spent time setting goals (seriously, goal setting lasts the entire month of January for me). I am feeling ready to jump in and start my half marathon training. I am excited for the goals around fitness that we set-which I will be sharing that next week.

How do you pack for your vacation?
What ways do you "reboot"?
Have you ever been able to "tag along" for a conference?



  1. Balmy 80 degrees! Oh I am so jealous. I too, always think I will have so much time to exercise on vacation and somehow it doesn't happen! Glad you had a fun and rejuvenating trip with your husband!

    1. Katie! At long last! So good to hear from you!