Monday, January 2, 2012

what say you?

So...I read this book:
I read it fast. Like in two days.
It was a great read, I loved McDougall style... laid back and witty but also quick paced. I could vividly picture each runner he described. I had to research them for myself and I actually broke out in a grin when I caught the first glimpse, his descriptions were spot on.

But while I was enjoying the read there was something else that was revealing itself to me. Something that I haven't allowed myself to think about in my running. I am afraid. Afraid of getting hurt. I have a hot coal of fear that blazes whenever my hamstring twinges, my back aches, my feet are sore. I know that my time as a runner is limited. I have four titanium screws in the L4 and L5 of my back. My mother hates to think of me running, "all that jarring"  and "it is so hard on your body, can't you swim?"

I felt a kinship to McDougall (minus the ultramarathon tendency), he loves running but it never felt like it fit him, his body was too big, his stride all wrong, and he was hit with injury after injury. I am often telling people when they ask (and often when they don't), that I was never made to run but I just can't beat the feeling it gives me. I loved McDougall's journey and it encouraged me.

Those of you runners who have read the book or have taken time to consider minimalist shoes....
What say you?
  • Have you tried it? How'd it go?
  • Did you do the weird toe shoe or just a lighter/flatter version?
  • If you have an opinion or have already blogged about this (I know this isn't a brand new book or debate)leave me the link, I'd LOVE to read it!

Here is a quick video that I will be using to be a better/faster/stronger runner!


  1. conviction for the amature (ahem me)

  2. haven't read it but now you've got me curious :)

  3. This book is on our book club list in a couple months and we are excited to read it. Colin's dad is currently reading it and raved.