Monday, January 9, 2012

Run, Legs, Run!

This afternoon I went for a run. As a side note, let me tell you that it was 55 degrees and sunny on this winter, January was glorious! Anyway, I have been working on the 100-Up Technique most days for the past week or so when I have remembered. I still find myself very fascinated with this exercise and very excited about the potential that it might make me a better runner.

Anyway, I went for a run today. During my run, I had to slow down to catch my breath as I started to slow I found my legs urging me forward, not wanting to stop. It was the most bizarre and fascinating sensation. I have never felt my legs trying to urge me forward like that, ever. Usually when I slow down or start to walk during a run, my legs grow heavy and excited to slow down and have a rest. I don't know if it's just because I was in a good rhythm and having a good run or if this 100-Up Technique is actually doing something.  Have any runners out there experienced this sensation?

The other thing I was trying to recognize on my run today was the way I "normally" run. My tendency is to run by placing my heel down first, rolling onto my toe and pushing off from there. This seems natural in propelling yourself forward, but the 100-Up Technique actually teaches you the opposite. Try it, if you haven't! Here is a little guide of how to run using the technique and a video of how to actually perform it.


  1. interesting!! I love that this might lead to better/stronger/faster runs!!

  2. Is it bad that when I do the slow balance is off?! Guess this means something.