Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Virtual Race Recap

January's race is done! I was worried when I looked at the month of January I wouldn't be able to find a local race that fit into my schedule. Luckily Katie spotted this twitter road race and today, after Addison's 1st birthday party, I headed out. It felt good to stretch my legs, to zone out for thirty minutes, and to get my sweat on. However, this was not my best race for a coupla reasons. 
1. It was windy. No matter where I turned the wind seemed to be in my face, slowing me down, pushing against me, tiring me out. 
2. My pants kept slipping down to an uncomfortably low position. I probably stopped to hike them up ten times. For passerbyers that got to see my're welcome.
3. I ran with  music today, and usually that works for me for a short race. But it had been awhile and the music seemed distracting...and not in a good way. 
4. I messed up my splits on the Garmin while I was only ten minutes in and that always drives me nuts. 

I tried out the Nike sleeves and really liked them, they didn't budge the entire run. I have been wanting to try them to see if they'd be  a good race day option and I definitely think I will be trying them on my next race (non-virtual race that is).

So for all those negatives I listed above, I have to balance it out with a list of why I love a virtual race. For those of you new to the term "virtual race" it is simply a race someone in the bloggy world (usually) organizes. There are even bib numbers you can download if you want. Often they are in support, memory, or honor of something or someone. All you have to do to participate is sign up and run! Easy. 

I love virtual races because:
1. Free, that is a great price. 
2. When you are busy- you get to pick when "race time" is. 
3. Home course advantage. 
4. The shower is about 3 minutes after the finish line... talk about convenient! 

Thanks for organizing the race!

My final time was 30.55 or 9:58 minute miles. I'll take it. 


  1. I hope to have your race time sometime in my future. I like the sleeves. I was wondering also about them rolling down, or slipping. thanks for the review.

    I'm loving the 'virtual' race. I actually get to know the other runners a little bit instead of solely being jealous of how fast they are. ha! Thanks for sharing. I blogged my run too! Although, it took me twice as long...for real.

    1. Crystal, Thanks for the follow. It's funny you mention speed because I'm always drooling all over other's times. I'd love to read your race recap, what's your blog address?

  2. Way to go, Jess! I will have to do my #TwitterRoadRace recap soon, too! I love the sleeves and am lad they worked for you. A full review would be awesome. You look hot in them fo sho!

  3. Good run, enjoyable (funny) descriptions too! I ran #TwitterRoadRace today too as part of my long run. I didn't write a full description for this one but added it to my weekly recap on the blog. :) Also, I'm always jealous of other people's times too. I like to say I'm slow and steady...

  4. Paulette, so fun that this virtual race has brought so many different runners into contact!

  5. I'm with Crystal, I hope my times are under 10mm someday! I'm going to post a #TwitterRoadRun race review on my blog (after my shower lol)...I hope you come check it out! :)

  6. WAY TO GO :)

    Like those sleeves...never seen Nike ones, but I'll be on the lookout!