Sunday, November 6, 2011

visions of sugarplums dance in their heads

This morning my daughter commented that her Halloween candy is gone....hmmm I wonder how that happened? Okay, you guessed it. It was me. My husband loves a weekend doughnut. I have been helping myself to his stash...dang it! Holidays are my favorite time of year. I especially love this new season of life, watching my daughters experience the holidays for the first time. At least big sister is excited, I am not sure if baby has forgiven me for sticking her in a homemade piggy hat for Halloween.

How is it, amidst all the joy, celebration, festivities I become a sugar hound? I cannot get enough. And then my mind becomes fixated. Should I have another cookie? Okay, I'll eat dessert here but then will run longer tomorrow.... excuses, bribes, convincing....these mind games seriously just take too much time away from this special time of year. I do not want to miss photo opportunities because I am busy in a staring contest/battle of wills with a cookie!

So here are my commitments during these sugarfest few months. Dessert it is out, except for the day of the holiday. I would like my weekly mileage to stay at or above 15 miles. And I am participating in HBBC (Holiday Booty Buster Challenge). See the button right over there ----------------------------->

Here is the deal with HBBC, keep track of your workouts (running and cross training), keep track of your vegetable and fruit intake, and get your doughnut eating, dessert loving, going for seconds booty successfully through this holiday season. The challenge goes from November 20-January 7. 
Enter the competition to win prizes too (ohhhh ahhhh)
Check out Amanda's blog for details and to sign up 

Happy running, fellow doughnut lovers!


  1. Excited to kick some booty together! I'm going to print out the ways to earn points on my fridge to help keep me motivated. This will be great and I'm in need of a challenge.

  2. This time of year gets me every time too! I always think "oh I can have a little because I ran so much." My body doesn't agree. :( I signed up for HBBC but I just broke my toe and now I am out of everything for 6 weeks. I am going to have to get creative with my exercising to compete in it.