Wednesday, November 9, 2011

reader on the run

Even more than running, or gardening, or cooking, or my favorite movie (What About Bob?, thanks for asking)...I LOVE to read. I will truly read anything with words...but I especially love novels. They transport you to another place, time, husband has learned to steer clear after I have finished an especially sad book. Yes, I have been known to cry on the couch with a book laying closed beside me. (What IS IT about this blog that makes me feel the need to bare my soul??)

On top of being an avid reader, I also love to research things...I am a....what's the phrase? "Know it all"??

I like to think of myself as
informed. So whether it's chickens, perennials, appliances, cameras, or cookies, I have probably read a book on it. When I returned to running after my last pregnancy I decided to get informed. I didn't consider myself a new runner, but I also didn't feel like I knew anything other than to point myself in that direction and go faster than a walk.

Enter this book:
Are some of you nodding your heads already? If so, you've probably read it. This book is a MUST read for any mother runners. It goes through each detail of running and gives easy, concise, straight forward information. I loved every chapter, and learned something new in every chapter too!

You can imagine my JOY while at Girlfriend's half last month and Sarah Bowen Shea, one of the authors, was there promoting their new book (bummer, not out until next March):

I about died. I actually couldn't get any words out, just awkwardly waved before blubbering to Katie.."Oh MY GOSH!!! She's HERE!". Katie turned to Sarah and ever so sweetly said, "She is a bit starstruck"...too true my friend.

At Powell's (my fav bookstore, Portland icon), I picked up:

But for some reason I couldn't commit and I put it back down. I need advice from my bloggy friends:

What running book has inspired, challenged, motivated you?

Have you read Born to Run? Thoughts?



  1. Jess - I love to read as well. I haven't read it yet, but my sis told me about a book called "Marathon Woman" - it's about Katherine Switzer - the first woman who ran the Boston Marathon (women weren't able to run it, but she did it anyway!). She is very inspiring!!!

    Here is her website:

    Here is her blog:

    I think you would enjoy the book - my sis loved it and couldn't put it down.

    I miss seeing you girl - can't wait to see you and Justin at the All Staff in Jan. I will be driving from GA to see everyone - and my parents will be there too!


  2. I read "Born to Run" and loved it. I thought it was just such an interesting story! I recommend "The Extra Mile" by Pam Reed as well, an ultramarathoner who is awe inspiring!