Sunday, November 27, 2011

HBBC Weekly recap (week 1)

Here is my weekly point break down for week 1 of the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge: November 19-26

Saturday, Nov 19: Lap swimming for 45 minutes = 4.5 points
Sunday, Nov 20: Jillian Michaels video for 20 minutes = 1 point
Monday, Nov 21: Ran 2.5 miles = 2.5 points
Tuesday, Nov 22: Ran 3 miles = 3 points
Wednesday, Nov 23: Barre3 class for 1 hour = 3 points
Thursday, Nov 24: Turkey Trot 5k = 3 points
Friday, Nov 25: Day off

Total Points for week 1 = 17 points (I think this is a pretty good week, let's see if I can keep it up)

(I need to do blog posts for my first Barre3 class and the Turkey Trot 5k, stay tuned!)



  1. Great job! Love the weekly recap! Can't wait to see what you thought of Barre3.

  2. That seems like a high number to me! Great job! I didn't count mine up but I think they will be unusually low this week.

  3. congrats to ya :) Starting off great!

  4. Great start for week 1 of HBBC! I'm curious to find out what Barre3 is.

    I'm a new follower from [Fitness, Health and Happiness]!