Monday, November 14, 2011

Bring on the hills! darn hamstring pain is back. This stinks. I did a speed workout the other day and I have been in lots of pain ever since. I still think it's an issue of needing to strengthen my hamstring and glute muscles and that I am not doing nearly enough to get that job done. So I have decided (and I need your help keeping me accountable on this) that I am going to stare hills and stairs in the face and dominate them.

This morning a fellow mom friend and I decided we would hike up a popular local butte and get a decent hill workout in pushing the little ones in our BOB strollers. We maybe got halfway up before the wind got too strong and the babies got uncomfortable and we had to head back down. Day 1 of hill workouts was not a success but the walk to Starbucks for an egg nog latte did not disappoint. I am hoping I can conquer this hamstring issue like I am going to conquer these hills and be rid of it once and for all so I can really get my run on. After all, I have a 5k to take on in a little more than a week. 


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  1. Hills have made a big difference in my running! I still despise them during a race, haha, but adding them to my training plan has been good for me. Good luck!