Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sick days

We all have sick days and days where it's probably not a smart or healthy choice to exercise. But I forget that sometimes my little one will also have sick days that could prevent me from heading out into the chilly weather for a run. With a drippy, snotty nose, I know the cold wind won't do her any favors. We are facing this issue today.

Life is full of obstacles that make it difficult to go for a run and stay healthy. As the winter weather hits, the obstacles only increase. How can we battle these obstacles? How will you get your workout in no matter what?

Taking the extra time to walk upstairs to use the bathroom instead of the convenient downstairs choice is a sad excuse for a workout, but better than nothing, right? Right?!


  1. Oh this is my constant battle with working out during this time of year. We use the gym daycare, but we can't go if the kids are sick. It is a frustrating thing to be motivated but not be able to workout! I have been trying to find some good videos to do at home or a good at home workout I can get done when these things happen. Haven't been too successful though!! Hope your daughter starts to feel better soon!!

  2. Yes, it is absolutely better than nothing! I don't have kids, so hard to relate, but I do work a lot and can empathize with how hard it is to fit a workout in (especially with shorter daylight hours and colder weather). If you can, fit in some sit-ups and push-ups during commercial breaks (if you watch TV). Try to keep a fast pace so you get some cardio in too. Hope your daughter feels better soon!

  3. I like posts like these. I stay motivated by just knowing how I felt when I lead an unhealthy life and I NEVER want to go back to that place. Plus, I want to set a good example for my children :)

    Just joined this blog and can't wait to