Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eating, Breathing, Running...

The title is misleading. It makes it sound like I am designing a hardcore bumper sticker. But in reality this described what I was doing (not very successfully) on my long run Sunday. 

I once again scaled Terwiliger in preparation for this week's Shamrock 15k. I am nervous for this run. It will be the hardest course I've ran (elevation gain) and it also is a bit of a jump in my mileage (2 more miles than my longest run this season).
Shamrock Elevation Guide
I brought along a pack of Sport Jelly Bean because I am trying to decide if I want to use any sort of fuel for Sunday. It is only 9.3, but those hills are gonna wipe me...

Anyways, I learned that running up a hill, chewing jelly beans, while laboring to breath is a bad idea for two reasons. 1. chocking hazard and 2. breathing hazard. (insert Blondy joke here)

Other things I learned/decided on this training run:
  • I will run this race with a playlist versus a random Pandora station 
  • I will not be wearing the event shirt for this race, instead I'll sport an 'ol green Nike (St. Paddy Day love)
  • I will be running in a different pair of running shoes than normal. (I'll explain later)
  • I will not wear a jacket, even if it is raining, but I will wear a cap to keep the rain outta my face. 
  • I am hoping to still beat my September 15k time, even though this course is harder.
  • I like training on hills
  • That last 3.1, downhill, is going to feel like heaven.


  1. You're going to rock this 15k! I cannot wit to hear how it goes.

  2. Have a great race! One of these days I hope to come up there and do this one :)