Friday, March 2, 2012

Running Distracted

Today I learned a valuable lesson. Running + Distraction = Pain. Running often is my outlet to decompress. I can clear my head, let the worries melt away. However, it's a fine line between running it off, and running distracted.

I was puttering along, thinking about how stressed I was. My mind was so jumbled. Thoughts were whizzing through my head. I couldn't find my stride. My feet were heavy. Suddenly, once again, I was airborne. Last time this happened I was in front of the library, at the foot of a few homeless people. This afternoon, my flight was in front of the high school, right after school got out. The witnesses, parents waiting to pick up their kids. Embarrassing. Painful.
The poor babysitter had to take this picture

After all the gravel was picked out
Lesson learned.


  1. Ooooohhhhh....that looks like it stung! I'm the queen of wipeouts! I kind of like the bloody look, though - makes me feel tough :p

  2. Thanks guys...I gotta agree with Julie though, it made me feel pretty tough. And I had to smile when my husband could NOT believe I still finished my run...silly me.