Friday, March 9, 2012

If Leaving the House Wasn't Hard Enough

I hurried home from work yesterday, only to turn right around and head back out the door for a run. I felt BIG mommy guilt waving bye to this lil' mug. Break my heart!

I was contemplating the balance of motherhood/working life/social life/oh-don't-forget-the-husband-too/health, when I screeched to a halt. A car zoomed through a stop sign looking the other direction, not even seeing me, the runner, about to step across the road.Sheesh!

I plotted along, now much more aware of my surroundings, high school track kids running past me, cars whizzing by, hurrying to get home. 
Then it happened again. This time I approached the drive way of a store. I was cautious as I got closer, slowing down to see if a car was coming, once again a car came barreling passed the sidewalk with it's front end half way into traffic before it stopped and checked directions. I sarcastically waved a big thanks and went behind it. I saw two  more drivers texting as they drove in a 35 mile per hour zone. I was keenly aware of how dangerous this running thing is with drivers only half paying attention. 

The last encounter was a gal pulling out of her driveway. She plowed back, passed the side walk where I stood still waiting, and then stopped as her bumper approached the road. She saw me standing alongside her car, and her mouth opened to a perfect O. I smiled a tight smile and was about to go around when I saw her roll down her window. 
"I am SO sorry" she cried out. I could tell she was a little shaken, she thought she had almost hit me. Lucky for her I had almost been hit several times today so I was ready. 
"I was distracted and didn't see you!" She smiled while she said this. I am not sure she smiled, was the fact she was distracted suppose to make me feel better?

The rest of the run was uneventful but I can home all wound up. 
Seriously, if leaving my littles isn't hard enough, now I am worried I am gonna be run over by crazy drivers!

Lesson for me: Don't be one of those drivers!


  1. Oh geesh that is scary!! I am so sorry for your crazy run! I am pretty scared of cars for the same reason..nobody is paying attention! I am even more scared when I ride my bike and I try to avoid roads and stick to the paths. And you are right, the lesson is don't be one of those drivers!

  2. Yes, unfortunately sometimes the only runs I can get in are on roads/neighborhoods, but when I can I usually drive to trails, safer for the most part. Be safe out there!! Good lesson.