Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 5 Training

Week Five for Jess:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2 miles easy + abs
Wednesday: rest  
Thursday: 7 miles tempo + abs (warm, 5 miles @ 10, cool)
Friday: 2 miles + abs with Maggie  
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 8 miles + abs(hopefully on the Shamrock course...which means HILLS)
total: 19 miles

Week Four for Jess
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 miles easy DONE(2.6 with Mags)
Wednesday: rest  
Thursday: 3 miles easy SKIPPED (did it Friday)
Friday: 3 miles easy DONE (but I biffed it HARD)  
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 4 miles DONE! with the hubs!
total: 10 miles
Reflection for Week Four:
This week was okay. I thought I'd enjoy a week of taking it easy...but I felt sluggish and guilty. Silly, I know. But let's just say I am ready for my BIG week this week. I skipped a week of training and moved up the miles because I wanted to get in 8 before the Shamrock. Hopefully that 8 doesn't kill me. I am hoping that it gives me some insight into what my pacing should be for the race.  Also, did you notice something new? Yes, I am making my ab work public. I am feeling a bit soft and thought it would give me accountability if I blogged it. So there ya go, I will be doing abs this week! 
Happy Trails!

Hi friends, hope everyone had a great week running or walking or getting out and about. This week started with snow and winter and ended in spring and sunshine. No complaints! I am hoping the Spring decides to stick around. Anyway, let's get on with what I am going to run this week! I have a bit of traveling this week, but still plan to run three times this week. A 3 miler, a 4 miler and a 6 miler. Six! Whoa. I also really need to find a good leg strengthening workout. I need to strengthen my hamstrings and glutes like nobodies business. If you have tips, let me know!

Reflection on last week:
"Okay, let's talk runs again. I want to run 3.5, 4, 5.5 and an easy 2 somewhere in there. I will throw in my strength routine I talk about below and an added bonus would be a workout video but I am not going to stress over it. The ground is currently covered in snow so that does not bode well for running, but I will make it happen one way or another."

This week was pretty good. I didn't feel great this week, felt as though I was getting sick (but I didn't) and my hamstring was really bothering me, but I felt motivated to get my runs in. I managed to run 2 miles on Monday, had a sore throat and busy schedule Tuesday and Wednesday so took it easy and ran two days in a row on Thursday and Friday running 4 miles and 3.5 miles (all this on a treadmill...darn snow!). After my Friday run, my left hamstring and glute muscles were THROBBING! So I decided to take it a bit easy and skip my long 5.5 mile run this week. I was bummed to not get the miles in but considering the fact that it's now Sunday and I am still hurting, I know it was a good call. I just need to give it a little TLC and extra attention and hopefully I can get this 6 miler done at the end of this coming week. 


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  1. Kate, I think you should go see a PT or some sort of Doc w/ a specialty in sports medicine about that hammy...seriously. I'd like to run with you for a long while.