Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 6 Training

Week Six for Jess:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2 miles easy + abs
Wednesday: rest  
Thursday: 4 miles tempo + abs (warm, 2 miles @ 10, cool)
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 9.3 aka SHAMROCK!!!
total: 15.3 miles

Week Five for Jess:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2 miles easy + abs DONE!
Wednesday: rest  
Thursday:7 miles(5.3 instead)+ abs(cut it short and skipped the abs...slacker)
Friday: 2 miles + abs with Maggie DONE! but we speed walked and again no abs!
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 8 miles + abs 6.5 miles Short on time, so I shortened it.
total: 19 miles 14 miles instead

Reflection on this last week:
I wish it had gone more to plan, but I simply did not have the time to get it all done. It made me realize that I am usually in a hurry when I am running, what I mean is I am rushing to something as soon as I am done. This makes abs, long runs, or anything extra impossible. I need to figure out a better way to plan. However, I think it would involve an extra hour in the day and I am not sure I have the power to make such decisions. Aw, well...I actually didn't feel too bad about the shortened week. This next week's race will make up for it!


Week 6 for Katie:
Okay, since week 5 didn't exactly happen for me (see below), week 6 is going to be pretty weak. I feel like I am falling way behind Jess at this point in time, but I am trying to be smart. Therefore, I plan to start this week out slow with a 2 or 2.5 miler (depending on how the hammy feels) and increasing to 3.5 and then 4.5 throughout the week. I know I am taking a step backwards here but if this week goes well, then I plan to increase my miles a bit quicker after this. I need to be icing my hamstring daily as I remember what a huge difference this made with my hammy last time. 

Reflection on last week:
"I have a bit of traveling this week, but still plan to run three times this week. A 3 miler, a 4 miler and a 6 miler. Six! Whoa. I also really need to find a good leg strengthening workout. I need to strengthen my hamstrings and glutes like nobodies business. If you have tips, let me know!"

Well last week went nothing as planned, as mentioned here, my hamstring just would not have it. I enjoyed a couple walks and using the gym at the hotel when I was out of town. I set up a little interval routine and got in some strength and cardio. It was great and it makes me realize what a huge difference having a gym membership would make to my training. It's just not in the cards right now. While I am feeling frustrated with my training and my weak hamstring, I am also feeling like there is plenty of time to train and that I will get my miles up there in time for the half. Hopefully this is not me being too confident. Time will tell! 

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