Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running on vacation, nutrias, and broken treadmills

This last weekend I visited my sister in California. It was a wonderful time of talking, eating, talking, drinking wine, talking, playing with my nephews, talking, and taking a run.
This is what we were wearing when she picked me up....are we related or something?
 When my sister asked if there was anything I wanted to do while I was there...lamely, I said run. I felt bad taking time away from our short weekend together to head out for my seven miler. But she was so hospitable, planned my route, encouraged me to get out there, and let me debrief when I got back. I had asked for a hilly route...and that is exactly what I got.
Hill one. It turns the corner and keeps on going. Bring on the pain.
My legs were trembling when I took this picture.
I wish I had brought California sunshine back with me...instead I have been running in the rain this week. Maggie, my runner pal, and I hit up Nike to run on the World Campus. It is a triple layered bark chip 2.5 mile loop. A perfect recovery run, minus the nutrias. What's a nutria you ask?

oh hello rat/beaver mix...
We ran screaming, holding hands. We only stopped to allow one brave nutria to skitter across our path. Maggie said we'd get rabies if they bit us. I believe her, she's a nurse.

But even despite the rain and nutria it is still better than the gym. We pay a monthly fee to patron 24 Hour Fitness when the mood strikes. Last week, I was forced to do my speed work there. And this is what I found.
Row after row of broken machines

Where exactly does my money go? Of the twenty or so treadmills, about four were working. Lame.


  1. Lame! I cannot believe only 4 treadmills were working, that is unacceptable. But on a brighter note, what a fantastic run in San Fran! Totally jealous of the sunshine and so glad you got to have a nice weekend away. Way to run, girl!

  2. Nutria are strange beasts. We have a lot around here too!

    You and your sister crack me up!!! That would never happen with me and mine though :) haha. She wears all black. Always.

    A word should be put in to the gym! That is just terrible.

    I'm a little jealous of your Nike campus run. That sounds nice :))

    1. Raina, you're right...I think I just might talk to those gym folks and see what is going on!