Friday, April 27, 2012

snarky lady...that's me.


I promise, I don't really think this way. But I will admit that I am a people watcher at the gym. Tonight, I had several neighbors on the treadmill. Each only stayed about ten or twenty minutes and then they'd scoot off to pursue weights, or another machine. Half way through my run a young girl took the 'mill next to me. She looked to be about 18 or so, and about half my size. I automatically assumed she'd be cranking that puppy up and leaving me in the dust. But as I spied observed her progress I had to swallow my giggle. I think she was new at running and her pounding steps could be heard through my headphones. She held her arms awkwardly, with her hands in fists and unmoving. Her elbows bent and her hands glued high near her shoulders. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. 

But then I caught myself assessing this girl and I was ashamed. Seriously, this girl was working it out and I was teasing her in my head.  I realized that my snarkiness was by far a bigger reflection of me than her. I had been worried that I would look slow, sluggish, and past my prime as I pounded it out next to her, young lil thing. Which I probably did.

And with my contrite frame of mind, I also remembered how good it feels to be in a community of other runners, runners that are much speedier, much more experienced than I. I also thought about how it is a sport that can last a lifetime and my PRing days are still ahead. Two things to take away from that experience....extend the courtesy of kindness to new runners, and also...don't be intimidated by the "looks" of someone, you never can tell what a person is capable of.

I did give the girl a quick smile as I disembarked the 'mill and headed home. Maybe I'll see her back there and can get a "re-do".

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