Thursday, April 5, 2012

The truth about my frustration with running

Lately...okay for a while now...I have been feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated with running. I really thought that signing up for a Half Marathon, which would give me something to work towards, would kick my motivation into gear and rid me of my struggles. Unfortunately this has not been the case and I would be lying if I said I hadn't considered dropping out of this Half training altogether (good thing it cost so dang much and I can't quite swallow that pill!).

I think and I know that there are several reasons for this frustration that really have nothing to do with my own physical capability to run and to train. I mean, I have run numerous races and I have done a half marathon before, I know I can do it again. However, there has been lots going on at home which have me distracted. That combined with mommy guilt, bad weather, a hamstring injury and feeling absolutely useless anytime I do go for a run have put me in quite a rut.

When I finally do find the time to get out for a run, it never seem to go well. I feel exhausted, I can't run 2 miles without taking a walking break, my hamstring starts aching, I am running directly into the wind no matter what direction I name it. One thing I have certainly come to realize is that training for a Spring Half Marathon may not be for me, training through winter is no fun. Maybe Spring should be left for 5 and 10k races! As for now, we have about 7 weeks until the race and I am only up to 5 miles. I could not feel more discouraged. Honestly I am looking forward to the race being over so I can not beat myself up over feeling unmotivated or not wanting to go running. Maybe I need a new sport!

I wish I could come out and say that I have figured out a way to climb out of the hole and I am fresh and renewed and more motivated than ever but sadly that is not yet the case. But I can also say that I have not given up. I am feeling hopeful that The Get Fresh Challenge we are currently doing is going to be such a positive thing for me. I have to find new ways to get my body moving besides just running and I know it can only be a positive outcome.

I guess the bottom line is that being a running mom is hard. This is no new revelation to the world but it's the truth. Luckily I am too stubborn to give up and too concerned for my health to do nothing, I just hope that the two combined will be enough. Let the training continue!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Katie! I completely know how you feel - it happens to me every time I try to go for a run. But you're sticking with it - good on ya!

  2. Love this post for your honesty Kate. I know it is hard to balance life and running. I know you have been struggling with that damn hammy issue for too long now. I also know you are strong. I know you will do this. And then you will take a break until you WANT to run. Love! You!

  3. Keep going! At least you are signed up for a half, more than I can say for myself. The continuous rain in Seattle is not motivating me, so I'm thankful for the Get Fresh Challenge, it keeps me working out and getting out there. Lots of distractions at home right now but that will never stop, so why stop running/working out, that's what I tell myself...