Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 13 Training

Week Thirteen for Jess:
Monday: Yoga (last day of Get Fresh!)
Tuesday: 2 miles
Wednesday: Barre 3
Thursday: 6 miles speed work
Friday: 2 miles
Sunday: 11 miles
Total: 21 miles

Week Twelve for Jess:(fourth week of the Get Fresh Challenge)
Monday: Yoga Done!
Tuesday: 3 miles 2.5 miles
Wednesday: Barre 3 Done!
Thursday: 6 miles tempo 5 miles
Friday: 2 miles  gardened
Saturday:Yoga 2 miles
Sunday: 10 miles Done!
Total: 21 miles

I just ran my 10 miler a few hours ago (Sunday night). It was slow, steady, and just what I needed to build my confidence. This week's long run is my last before tapering. I am feeling a little pain in my hip, yoga seems to help but I'm nervous! The Get FRESH challenge is over but I still am putting a work out for each day, chances are it won't happen but I like a good plan!

Week 13 training:
This week will be different without the Get FRESH Challenge. Wow, I can't believe it's the last day! I also can't believe we are in the final weeks of training for the Portland Rock n Roll Half, woohooo!!

Mon- 5 mile run
Tues - abs and arms
Wed - 3 mile run
Thurs - rest
Fri - Workout video
Sat - 9 mile run
Sun - 20 min walk

Reflection on week 12:
This was a bad week, both in terms of sticking with the Get FRESH Challenge and just in terms of working out altogether. Traveling, plus 2 year old duty, plus 100% humidity made it near impossible to workout, I was so bummed! Then when I came back and headed out for my long run, I was so jet lagged and blah that I had to cut it short, what a bummer. Here's how it actually went...

Mon - 20 min walk - Nope. Travel day in car and airplane all day. 
Tues - Yoga video - Approx 40 min walk (pushing a stroller I might add)
Wed - 3 mile run - Nope. Nada. 
Thurs - 20+ min walk - Ran 2 miles (20 mins)
Fri - 2 mile run - Nope. Travel day
Sat - 8.5 mile run (hopefully!) - Ran 5.3 miles

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