Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 9 Training

Week nine for Jess:(first week of the Get Fresh Challenge)

Monday: 2 miles + abs/pushups
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: Barre 3 DVD
Thursday: 7 mile tempo (WU;5 mi@10;CD)
Friday: 2 miles + abs/pushups
Saturday: Plan A-Yoga   Plan B-power walk
Sunday: 9 miles easy
Total: 20 miles

Week Eight for Jess:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 4 miles easy + yoga only did yoga
Wednesday: 3 miles  
Thursday: 4 miles nada
Friday: 2.5 miles in the rain
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 4 miles easy
total: 12 miles 9.5 miles

Reflection for week eight:
I always look forward to the down week. I am glad it is built into my training plan. By the end of the rest week, I am ready to pick it up again. I loved running in my hometown, Bend. It is so beautiful, even when it's raining cats and dogs! You may have noticed if you follow me on dailymile that my mileage is all guesswork...that's cause my Garmin is MIA. My three year old is a known hoarder, so I am hoping it is amongst her piles, hidden away but safe. I am dying here without it. I am so excited to see how my first week of the Get FRESH Challenge goes, I haven't worked out 7 days a week...ever!

Week 8 for Katie:
I am so excited to begin the Get Fresh Challenge and have something to keep me motivated and accountable. Once again, I am not as organized as Jess with my days, so I will just lay out my runs for now and report back what I did EVERYDAY for the challenge during my recap next week!

Run #1 - 3 miles
Run #2- 4 miles
Run #3- The Jelly Bean Virtual 10k 
Get Fresh Challenge: walking, yoga (need to go to the library and get some DVDs), Jillian Michaels

Reflection on Last Week:
Run # 1 - Run 3 miles (Done-Tuesday)
Run #2 - Run 4 miles (Done-Sunday)
Run #3 - Run 5 miles (Done-Thursday)
Extras: Went snowshoeing for about 90 minutes on Wednesday - great cross-training!

My runs were a bit out of order this week because the plan was to run 4 miles with Jess on Sunday but sadly she had to go back home to Portland early :( I was bummed not to run together, but life happens. I am so thrilled I got all my runs in this week. And my 5 miler felt so good! 

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