Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 11 Training

Week Eleven for Jess:(third week of the Get Fresh Challenge)

Monday: 2 miles + abs/pushups
Tuesday: Barre 3
Thursday: 8 mile(Speed work)
Friday: 2 miles + abs/pushups
Saturday: power walk
Sunday: 9 miles
Total: 21 miles

Week Ten for Jess:(second week of the Get Fresh Challenge)

Monday: 2 miles + abs/pushups Done
Tuesday: yoga Done
Wednesday: Barre 3 Done
Thursday: 7 mile tempo (WU;5 mi@10;CD) Done
Friday: 2 miles + abs/pushups 20 min. speed walk
Saturday: Plan A-Yoga   Plan B-power walk Plan B: Power walk
Sunday: 8 miles(bridge to brews)Done
Total: 19 miles
I had an epiphany this week. I have been training for a long time. I am quick, I know. But the light bulb came on when I realized I have had a weird attitude toward my training runs lately. It's hard to keep the momentum up when you are on a 15 week training program. OUCH! Overall, I did everything I needed to this week.Still my confidence and motivation seemed lacking. Oh, well. Let's get after it this week anyway.

Week 11 for Katie:
Mon - Run 3 miles
Tues - Walk 20+ mins
Wed - Yoga video
Thu - Run 4.5 miles
Fri - Walk or workout video
Sat - Run 7.5 miles
Sun - Walk 20 + mins

Reflection on week 10:
Well, this week did not go as well as last week and things got thrown a little bit for a loop, but here's how it went -

Mon - Run 2.5 miles easy - Ran 2.58 miles @ 8:33 pace (unexpectedly fast for me)

Tue - 20+ minute walk - made up a little 20 min circuit in my living room
Wed - Run 4 miles - 22 min yoga video
Thu - 20+ min yoga - Ran 4.5 miles
Fri - 20+ min walk - Ran around my house packing
Sat - Run 7 miles - Not at all! Walked around downtown Portland
Sun - 20+ min yoga - Nice hour+ walk downtown and waterfront Portland pushing a stroller

Like I said, not exactly as planned. I am quite disappointed that I did not get my long run in this week. I ended up planning a last minute trip to Portland with my sisters and with a 2 year old in tow, things are always a little more complicated. However, I had great intentions and packed all my running clothes...but forgot my shoes. What could I do?! Such a bummer. I am determined to stick to the plan this week, so stay tuned! 

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