Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bring on the Hills!!!


A gal at work organized a team for Portland's Shamrock Run. I was thrilled to jump in because I had been eyeing this race for two years. TWO YEARS! What has kept me away you might ask??? The hills. 
The course is infamous for its killer climb from downtown to OHSU. I think I have an unnatural fear of running hills. It just hurts so bad. And it robs you of all your steam, leaving you tired with legs that feel like anvils. I know what you're least I know what I am thinking...this girl needs some hill repeats. 

Even though I am registered this year, I am still scared. Another co-worker pal signed up to take it on with me. However, she is also a runner and a faster runner than I, so I am not sure if that makes me feel better??
Today after work I will be driving over to the course to conquer some hills. The very hills I will be running in a little over a month. And I know it will hurt. I know it will feel like punishment. But I also know there is no other remedy for a case of the "fear of hills".


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