Thursday, February 9, 2012


Okay ladies (and gents-feel free to chime in), let's get serious. I was reading Run Like A Mother the other night and came across the chapter about clothing and was interested to find that Another Mother Runners very own Dimity McDowell (@dimityontherun) prefers going without, and it got me thinking. I have actually always wondered what the "norm" is for runners. Do you wear underwear? If so, what kind and what cut? Or is it best to just skip that step altogether and go commando?

There are several arguments for and against wearing underwear while running, including health concerns, bacteria, and sanitary reasons. There are different types of underwear (thong, cotton, nylon), and again there is the commando option. Thongs can cause infection, cotton can bunch, nylon doesn't breath...and then there's the dilemma of panty-line. As women, I feel like we have a bit of a responsibility to care about panty-line at least a little bit, but maybe that rule only applies to when we are in "real" clothes and not running gear? I don't know!

Now, time for me to be candid. Personally, I have always worn underwear during any type of gym workout or running activity. Maybe it's a comfort thing, but I just cannot go without! Even in running shorts with the built-in undies, I still wear my own (don't judge!). My wear of choice are a full butt coverage (boy short style) nylon/spandex blend and I have never had any problems with them! No health concerns, no dreaded wedgie, no low riding, no bunching. They're great. It doesn't mean they're perfect or that I won't still be online researching other underwear options, but they do the trick for the time being. If I can successfully run a half marathon in those babies under my running tights, then I am sticking with my method for now (the boy short style also helps with the panty-line dilemma).

In my research, I came across two pretty great posts about this exact subject (I am sure there are millions of others). You will have to check them out as I found them very informative. The first is just some basics: Should Women Wear Underwear When Jogging? and the other was funny yet informative: The Great Fitness Underwear Debate: Do You or Don't You?

I came across these on Pinterest and had to share to the cuteness:
I don't know how practical these are, but aren't they adorable?!
Okay runners, I have to know! What RUNderwear do you don, if any? What have been your personal experiences, good and bad?


What is your RUNderwear of choice?
Cotton Undies
Nada! Commando!
Depends on the bottoms I'm wearing
None of your business!



  1. I am a commando type of girl for working out. I hate panty lines with my running tights and capris more than anything. The only time I wear undies is during "that time" and only that time! I do love the Rundies...and would wear tem all of the time but not for running. :) Great post!

  2. This is too funny! I have never thought about it so whatever I'm doing must be working, right? Those underwear are cute but I just couldn't wear ones with FARTlek written across the butt. My husband would never let me live that down!!

  3. I hate underwear lines and tend to either wear thongs or go without. I want those rundies though

  4. Here I am trying to find some good running underwear! I always wear them- brief style, I hate the riding up wedgie. Off to search for rundies.....