Friday, February 3, 2012

Tell me how to cross-train!

Okay, I feel pretty embarrassed to be writing this and kind of ashamed to have my own running blog yet not really know how to cross-train. As I prepare to begin training for my second half-marathon, I notice that most of the training programs I've found include cross-training. I have always known it was important to train in other ways besides just running, but for someone like me who does not have a bike or a gym membership, I constantly feel at a loss of how to cross-train.  While I know it's not absolutely necessary, I feel that I need to incorporate some cross-training to prevent injury. I have my hamstring injury that I am constantly battling, so cross-training just seems to make good sense. Help me!

So runners, please tell me what you do to cross-train or include non-running workouts in your race training.  I would absolutely love your input and suggestions!


  1. Yoga or Pilates is my favorite cross training. Basically, though, cross-training is anything BUT running done at a level hard enough to get your heart rate up but not as high as running would. My daughter LOVES to sit in her stroller while we walk as well and that's cross-training.

  2. I have an elliptical at home, would you have space for that? I got it for less than $200. And I like to use workout DVDs as well, such as Jillian Michaels or Yoga for Runners...even Wii Fit is great! Good luck with your training! :)