Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Get FRESH Challenge...COMPLETED!

CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who participated in the Get FRESH Challenge! You made it through an entire month of pushing yourself to exercise at least 20 minutes a day...you should be very proud!

This was YEAR ONE of the Get FRESH Challenge and we plan to repeat it again next April as a great way to kick off Spring. We hope you will join us again. 

While things like sickness (and life) did get in the way for both Jess and I, we are still proud to have given it our very best and really learned that fitting in 20 minutes a day is completely doable if you make it a priority. 

What we took away from the Get FRESH Challenge --
  • Try new workouts
  • Make dates with friends a workout too
  • Life happens, give yourself a break when all doesn't go according to plan
  • Share intentions with the fam so they can support/ accommodate (apparently husbands can't read minds)
  • If you want to, you can find 20 minutes in the day to exercise
  • Include family in workouts, we're not alone
  • Exercise is not something to feel guilty about but to be prioritized for a healthier, happier you
We really would love to hear your stories of your ups and downs during the Challenge and of what you learned and maybe how this challenge has affected your workout goals and plans.  Please comment here or send us a detailed email to themommymiles(at)gmail.com

We loved sharing in this challenge with all of you who participated! We were impressed and inspired by your motivation, dedication, and encouragement! Until next year!

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