Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Counting Down - 11 days

It's a beautiful morning! With a promise of a sunny, warm day ahead, I sit here in the quiet with a cup of coffee anticipating my 4 mile run that lies ahead. We are just a mere 11 days away from the Portland Rock and Roll Half Marathon and as I sit here my hamstring still throbs from the 9 miles I did 2 days ago. 

Training for this half has been a bumpy road with many highs and lows and lots of lessons learned. But in just 11 days I will run and complete this race and be glad to have it behind me. Jess and I have a whole kid-free weekend planned in Portland and if nothing else I am SO EXCITED about that. With plans of restaurants, the Farmers Market, sleep, coffee, packet pickup, pedicures and movies...who wouldn't be excited!? 

Some days (like after my 9-miler where my body nearly gave out on me) I feel incredibly discouraged and think "I am not a runner", but then I realize "I just ran 9 miles" and think about the days where I get my booty out there and run my miles and come back feeling invigorated, sore, but invigorated. I may not be the fastest or the strongest but I CAN RUN, I think it's more about learning what kind of runner I am and what kind of runner I want to be that I am still trying to figure out (and likely continually evolves).

So with 11 days left, I will carry on with my training and take it on just one day at a time. Join me in my ups and downs as I count down these next 11 days of training. I will check in every couple days with updates. 



  1. Hope your leg is feeling better! Portland RnR is coming soon. I had thought about doing that one too, but my legs are still recovering.

  2. Kate, love your honesty about your identity as a runner. Funny, because when I picture you, running just seems like a duh! Goes to show ya, peoples journeys.stories.struggles can never be guessed! love you very much and am so glad we're in this together!