Friday, May 11, 2012

Counting Down - 8 days

8 days and counting...searching for some motivation and excitement. Nerves had got the better of me and I am starting to doubt my abilities. It will be okay in the end, I know it will, but as the half marathon lingers nearer, I can't help but feel unprepared.

This afternoon I went for a 5 mile run and it went okay. I was meant to run this yesterday but with my hammy still aching, I put it off a day. I did feel a little weak but my saving Grace was that near the end of the 5 miles I actually felt like I was finding my stride.

As hard as this training has been, I know it's actually been really good and I have learned a lot. I really need to get my booty into a gym and do lots of strength training. My mind can only fathom how much better of a runner I will become if I get some consistent strength training in (I really want to try CrossFit!). It has me feeling quite excited.

I planned on doing my long run tomorrow (Saturday) but since I ran today, I need to be careful with my hamstring. Sunday is Mother's Day and it's hard to plan anything when I know my awesome hubby has something in store (and that night is Survivor Season Finale so I can't go running that evening!). So do I put it off and run on Monday or is that too close to race day (which would be Sunday that same week)? Or do I just skip the last long run altogether? Hmmm...any thoughts?

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