Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Race Recap Part 1: Girls' Weekend

Much of our anticipation for this weekend wasn't for the race itself, but for a kid-free full fledged girls' weekend. It lived up to all our expectations.

Katie arrived shortly after I got home from work Friday, we were ready to get the fun started. Funnily enough, I was driving a wee little Fiat rental car. I am not quite sure how our long legs fit in to this puppy, but the rental made it feel even more like a little vacation.  
We wasted no time heading to dinner at Noble Rot. Pomegranate lemon drop? Don't mind if I do! The view and the food was just what we needed to get this weekend going. I also don't think we stopped talking from the moment we saw each other! From there we headed to Henry's to meet up with another dear pal. Gorgonzola fries? Why not!

Day one was brought to a close with us indulging in side by side favorite show watching on our computers. Ahhhhh, bliss. 

Saturday we slept in. Let me say that again slowly, we slept in until our bodies naturally woke us up. We woke to the sounds of birds and not the cries of small children. Sigh. 

We made the short walk from my house to Farmer's Market and took in the sights and yummy smells.  A savory crepe hit the spot, and we gobbled it up listening to live music. From there we headed to the Nike Employee store. Score! It was a madhouse but we still managed to find loads of fun stuff. 

Our trusty Fiat took us next to the Expo. It was the biggest Expo I've been to. We were handed lots of fun free stuff. Free always makes it better. Katie got sleeves (we'd been on the hunt), I got a 13.1 shirt, and we both walked out with lots of swag (love that word).  By this point we were reveling in how much we had accomplished! Wow, it is easy to get things done without your children tagging along.

We made our way across town to Kennedy School for a nice soak. Ahhh! So relaxing. We probably could have stayed there until we were nothing but wrinkly pruned skin, but we had reservations at Piazza Italia, my favorite little Italian place in Portland. Carbs may just be the best part of running a race. Seriously.

Back to the house to watch a movie that rhymes with Shmilight, don't judge...and laid out our race day attire. We were ready. So ready in fact, that my body didn't feel the need to sleep. Hate that.

We were up and at 'em and out the door by 7! Rock n Roll Half Marathon, here we come!

 Rock n Roll Race Recap Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. OMG! This weekend sounds incredible! What a memorable, relaxing, and perfect weekend for you two. Yippeee!