Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 15 Training

Week Fifteen for Jess:
Monday: Barre 3
Tuesday: 3 miles + speed walk
Thursday:4 miles
Sunday: 13.1! Race day, Baby!!!!

Week Fourteen for Jess:
Monday: Yoga Done!
Tuesday: 2 miles power walk w/ Maggie Done! plus Barre 3
Wednesday:4 Speed work Done! 5 miles
Thursday:Rest Done!
Friday: 3 speed work Done!
Saturday:Yoga gardened instead
Sunday: 8 miles7 miles on the treadmill instead of the beach!

This week was packed to the brim. It is always good practice juggling workouts, making them a priority when the going gets tough! In the past,it seems workouts were the first thing to go when life was busy. As for the race: I am ready. I am ready. I am ready. This week is all about preparation, mind and body, for race day! Katie gets here Friday! I cannot wait!

Week 15 for Katie:
Monday: Run 10 miles
Tuesday: Nice, long walk
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run 3 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rock n Roll half marathon!!!

Week 14 for Katie:
Mon - recovery walk - done!
Tues - Run 4 miles - Ran 3.39
Wed - Workout video --
Thurs - Run 5 miles --
Fri - rest - Ran 5 miles
Sat - Run 10 or 11 - Couldn't run 2 days in a row on my hammy
Sun - Rest or walk - Took Mother's Day off

Reflection on last week:
My legs were pretty sore this week so I decided to listen to my body. I required more than 1 day recovery between runs. My last long run had to be bummed to this week (to today, already completed 10.3 miles!). In good news, my hubby got me a foam roller for Mother's Day and I have been rolling out my legs every free chance I get. I already notice a difference. I have needed one of these suckers for a while. No, just like Jess said, this week is for preparation. I feel as ready and excited! I can't wait to get to Portland and spend a fun weekend with Jess and run another half marathon together!!

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