Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last Long Run

Sunday was my last long run. At first I had wanted to head over to Portland's east side to run part of RnR course to see what I am in for. But logistics just didn't line up. Instead, I made a  point of hitting all my favorite trails near my house, in an easy 11 mile loop.
Ready to go! Smiling cause it's my last long run until race day!

I trotted over to the nearby Power Line Park, I wonder why it's named that??

PLP took me right to the head of the Nature Center, where there's a mixture of boardwalks and paved paths. Lovely.
From the NC, I shot out right at the foot of the Nike campus. The bark chip paths felt good on my worn out legs. 

This was a great last long run. My pace was slow and steady, but I sped up gradually throughout the eleven miles. My hydration belt, filled with Nuun and sport beans, worked nicely, and also doubled as a belt to hold my too big running capris in place. I can't decide if I should race with it or not.

I sat in a cold bath (no ice) on my return. My fingers were crossed that my left hip flexor would calm down after the freezer treatment but it was painful for the rest of the day. Despite the pain, I felt good and confident. This has been a great training process and I have loved blogging the journey! 

Race day strategies and goals coming soon.

Ladies and Gentleman, this lady is ready for her 13.1....

Runner pals: 
Do you race with a hydration belt? What's the pros? Cons?
Do you have paths to choose from around your house? Or are you stuck on the sidewalk?


  1. Yay! Last run before race day, wow! I can't wait to run with you. I don't run with a hydration belt though I could see the benefit. But on race day, I bet there will be lots of hydration stations so it probably wouldn't be too big of a worry. But if it doesn't bother you, then you could!

  2. I have both a hydration belt and a handheld hydration bottle. I use the handheld one for shorter long runs, 12 miles or less, and use the belt for 12 miles or more. Sometimes I use water, sometimes I use Vitamin Water if I know I'll need some extra calories.

    The Portland RnR should have plenty of hydration stations. I try to stop at one every two miles or so and switch between water and Gatorade at ever other one. It really doesn't slow your time down at all since you stay hydrated... I definitely suggest making an effort to stop for those 10 seconds to drink.

    Good luck! I'll be on the sidelines cheering everyone on!