Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 14 Training

Week Fourteen for Jess:
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: 2 miles power walk w/ Maggie
Wednesday:4 Speed work
Thursday: Rest (maybe Barre 3 if I can squeeze it in)
Friday: 3 speed work (w/stroller...should be interesting)
Sunday: 8 miles (at the beach, WOOT!)
Total: 17 miles

Week Thirteen for Jess:
Monday: Yoga Done
Tuesday: 2 miles Done
Wednesday: Barre 3 Done
Thursday: 6 miles speed work nope.
Friday: 2 Planned to do my 6 here. but it got cut to 2 miles of speed work!
Saturday:Yoga Done.
Sunday: 11 miles Done!
Total: 21 miles

My hip flexers are aching tonight. I found myself bartering with them on today's long run. "Get me through the Half and then we'll rest". I hope they can pull through! Feeling good. Feeling strong. Hoping to nail the next two weeks so that I have some confidence going into the half.  Cutting back on  mileage and focusing on strength and speed. This coming week I have conferences (oh teacher joys) so I am trying to figure out how to get workouts in.

Week 14 for Katie:
I can't believe it's just 2 more weeks until the Portland R&R half marathon! I am a mixed bags of emotions and thoughts about this half marathon. But ready or not...2 weeks to go!

Mon - recovery walk
Tues - Run 4 miles
Wed - Workout video
Thurs - Run 5 miles
Fri - rest
Sat - Run 10 or 11
Sun - Rest or walk

Reflection on week 13:
My non-run days didn't go as planned but I was just thrilled to get my runs in, yay! Note to self: do not head out on long runs without a sport gel or something like it, big mistake. I thought I was going to die, my body began to fail me. I really wanted to run 10 miles to challenge myself but just couldn't go on.

Mon- 5 mile run - 2.6 mile run
Tues - abs and arms - -
Wed - 3 mile run - 5 mile run 
Thurs - rest - rest
Fri - Workout video - -
Sat - 9 mile run - 2 mile family walk
Sun - 20 min walk - 9 mile run

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