Monday, May 21, 2012

Recovery week

Rock n Roll half marathon update coming soon!

Recovery week for Katie:

I will be traveling away from home all week but no complaints because I intend to fully soak up this week of recovery and let my poor body relax and regain its strength. I plan to get in a walk or two and later in the week I want to get in a short 2-3 mile run. That's pretty much it! No need to lay it out for you.

I look forward to posting a race recap later in the week. The Rock n Roll half went very well and I can't believe we are done!

Recovery week for Jess:  I am really not sure if this is at all going to happen. But at least it's a plan!

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday:Barre 3
Thursday:3 mile run
Friday:Barre 3
Saturday: 2 mile run
Sunday:Barre 3

Week 15
Monday: Barre 3 Done!
Tuesday: 3 miles Done!
Wednesday:Yoga Speed walk
Thursday:4 miles Done!
Friday:Rest Done!
Saturday:Rest Done!
Sunday: 13.1!Done!

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  1. Woohoo!!! I can't wait to read a race recap, they're always so motivating.