Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Counting Down...4 days

On Monday I ran my final long run before the Rock n Roll half marathon...which is just 4 days away! I had originally planned to run it on the weekend but am so glad I waited until Monday. It was a warm morning (a bit too warm actually), my body was rested and I ran much smarter than I have during my previous recent long runs. I hydrated with nuun the night before and in the morning, I downed a (nasty) sport gel before I left, I carried sport beans with me, and I quickly ran by home about 7 miles in to grab a drink of water. While my legs did start to feel wobbly around mile 7 or 8, I felt much stronger overall. I ran 10.3 and felt good. The run was exactly what I needed to build my confidence and assure me that I am in fact ready for 13.1 on Sunday.

Now let's do this!

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