Tuesday, December 27, 2011

100 Things To Do In 2012

I work well with a to-do list. Something about crossing items off gives me a deep level of satisfaction. And with the desire to put my crazy OCD ways on display...I even color coded my 2012 list just for you! Red is for my health and fitness goals, orange for family, yellow for home, green is for travel, blue for self-improvement, and purple is for my professional/work goals. 

Okay, go ahead and judge for the rainbow order, that is a bit over the top...and no, seeking professional help for my to-do list obsession is not making the list this year. 

Some of the items are lofty goals, others are daily improvements, I know that some I will certainly (God willing) check off, and others are only just a hope. Regardless, I cannot WAIT for 2012, I love a fresh start, the endless possibilities, and the unknown adventures waiting!!!! 

Interested in making a to-do list for yourself this year? Read below for tips to make it successful.

2012 To-Do List
  1. Invest in a new pair of running shoes
  2. Give up my daily trip to the coffee shop,coffee at home daily
  3. Limit myself to one cup of coffee daily (post cleanse)
  4. Run a spring half-marathon in under 2:15
  5. Check out the local running club at least once
  6. Continue to workout with Maggie on a regular basis
  7. Compete in a triathlon (olympic distance)
  8. Run fall half-marathon (time goal TBD)
  9. Buy organic, especially the dirty dozen
  10. Continue to use MyFitnessPal calorie counter through 2012
  11. Use a legit training plan and stick to it
  12. Cross train
  13. Meet with Dr. Moore(back sergeant) and talk over future marathon goal.
  14. Lose 15 pounds.
  15. Maintain 15 pound weight loss :)
  16. Check off 3 books from my "running reading list"
  17. Drink 64 oz of water daily
  18. Participate in the remainder of my 12 in 12 races
  19. PR in a 10k
  20. PR in a 5k
  21. Read and participate in UltraMind Solution 6 week cleanse (I'll explain, I promise)
  22. Do quarterly cleanses/detoxes
  23. Buy a juicer and use it!
  24. Take daily supplements
  25. Schedule monthly massages
  26. Continue to have a date night each week (best night of my week)
  27. Do something daily to show Justin how much I love and appreciate him
  28. Check myself weekly, are my actions showing Justin that he is my first priority? (will record in my journal)
  29. Make Addison's first year book
  30. Do goal setting dates every season with Justin (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
  31. Sign Addison up for swim lessons
  32. Have Sarah come twice a week this summer
  33. Schedule Mackenzie's first dentist appointment (sooner rather than later)
  34. Sign Mackenzie up for ballet 
  35. Schedule vet appointment for Ellie
  36. Get Ellie groomed more than twice in 2012
  37. Knit the names onto our Christmas stockings
  38. Read Revolutionary Parenting
  39. Listen to the Pritchard's CD again
  40. Schedule one "Family Fun Night" weekly
  41. Write our anniversary letter on time this year!
  42. Register Mackenzie for preschool (tear)
  43. Get Mackenzie out of nighttime diapers (finish potty training)
  44. Start devotions with Mackenzie (need to seek some wisdom on this one, for age appropriateness, tips)
  45. Organize the coat & linen closet with a closet system,
  46. Decorate the girls' room
  47. Prepare dining room cabinet to hold china 
  48. Build Mackenzie a new bed
  49. Organize girls' closet with labels (yes, I have a label maker, it is a thing of beauty)
  50. Recover dining room chairs
  51. Paint Master bedroom
  52. Organize my closet with a system
  53. Have custom bookshelf created in den
  54. Sew new pillows for couches
  55. Get blinds for kitchen
  56. Buy canning supplies (the legit stuff) and use it :)
  57. Rugs for living room, kitchen, and den
  58. Keep the top of the refrigerator clean and clear
  59. Buy compost container for kitchen
  60. Touch up exterior paint
  61. Remove sick tree
  62. Create photo shelf/ledge in living room and pick photos that will be displayed
  63. Clear and level side yard to hold trailer
  64. Plant low maintenance garden this year
  65. Have a garage sale in June.
  66. Organize drawers in bathroom
  67. Redo drapes
  68. Sew quilts for the girls
  69. Build part of our fence
  70. Plant fall bulbs
  71. Plan out our trip to Mexico this summer
  72. Save for our Mexico trip
  73. Get a new bathing suit for trip to Florida :)
  74. Family road trip with airstream (this is lofty)
  75. Help plan Mackenzie and Daddy's first backpacking adventure 
  76. Get car ready to pull airstream
  77. Take 3 trips away with by girlfriends
  78. Host a get together at our house
  79. Take off my makeup each night (I am SO  bad at this)
  80. Create time each day to read my bible
  81. Memorize a scripture each month
  82. Read another book my Brennan Manning, haven't picked which one yet
  83. Journal
  84. Support the local farmers market
  85. Go through my closet and donate my unwanted/unused things
  86. Volunteer my time, either with my students or with YoungLife
  87. Buy gifts locally for birthdays and Christmas. 
  88. Write thank you cards on a monthly basis
  89. Continue to complete the steps of Financial Peace University
  90. Check off 3 books from my classical book must reads
  91. Support a girl in Africa
  92. Continue to meet with home group 
  93. Write that letter to that person I have been meaning to 
  94. Continue to blog at Themommymiles and at Quotidian Scotts
  95. Finish my ESOL endorsement
  96. Take test to get my ESOL certificate
  97. Next school year use computer program to record grades instead of my old-school notebook
  98. Reorganize files
  99. Reread Teach Like a Champion this summer
  100. Actively participate in Nike Lesson Study

Make your own to-do list! 
  • It must be a measurable goal (when you have completed your goal, is it a definite yes or no...example of an immeasurable goal: be a better person)
  • Think about the areas of your life, your to-do list should reflect the different things that are important to you.
  • Keep it balanced, don't neglect your family, self, or friends
  • Write it down somewhere where you'll see it on a regular basis
  • Revist the list throughout the year
  • CROSS those puppies OFF!!! (enjoy the rush of accomplishment)
  • Share them with someone! 

Fellow bloggers, if you do a resolution list/to-do list/goals- leave a link on our comments, I'd LOVE to read them and be inspired!!!
2012, here we come!


  1. This is awesome, Jess. I am excited to see what 2012 looks like for you, it's going to be a great one! I am excited to see the list get smaller and to see the lines that cross out each item as you complete them. I would love to do some cleanse/detox with you! Girls trip and half marathon or two, also :)

  2. Staff in our school corp. are reading Teach Like a Champion (in small chunks) then discuss at team/grade level meetings. Enjoyed reading your list!