Saturday, December 10, 2011

Myrtl Routine

Have you heard of the Myrtl Routine?? The Myrtl Routine is meant to help strengthen your hip girdle area which is so important for a runner.

"Many running injuries can be traced back to weak hips, defined by a lack of mobility in the hip girdle complex and a lack of strength. When runners lack mobility and strength in the pelvis other running muscles, ligaments and tendons begin to work harder and do more than they are intended to do during the running motion." -Nathan Cropper (Glastonbury River Runners)

I was referred to this routine by a fellow runner friend and I think it is just fantastic. I will often take a break during a run to even get in a few of these exercises (sometimes I can't remember them all). The best part is that it's a pretty quick yet truly beneficial routine! Hope you all enjoy if you don't already know about this.



  1. I definitely need to incorporate these exercises into my routine three times a week. Thanks for the info!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing!!! I had never heard of this before but I will definitely do them now!

  3. I know! Aren't they great?! I am so glad someone told me about them! Glad I could share with fellow runners.